A’s 2013 Organizational Hitting & Pitching Leaders



aa515f9f7b7201c.preview-300b160 Anthony Aliotti 1B (Mid-Sac)

154 Michael Choice OF (Sac)

143 Max Muncy 1B (Sto-Mid)

141 Jemile Weeks 2B-SS-OF (Sac)

138 Chris Bostick 2B (Bel)



mrRichard, Myrio235 Myrio Richard OF (Sto)

35 Dusty Coleman SS-2B (Mid-Sac)

33 Anthony Aliotti 1B (Mid-Sac)

32 Ryan Mathews OF (Bel)

32 Matt Olson 1B (Bel)



cooboberacker412 Chad Oberacker OF (Mid)

10 Addison Russell SS (Sto-Sac)

10 Dusty Coleman SS-2B (Mid-Sac)

10 Jemile Weeks 2B-SS-OF (Sac)

8 Bobby Crocker OF (Sto) / Chris Bostick 2B (Bel)



mm165457_10151385210931662_1498946120_n525 Max Muncy 1B (Sto-Mid)

23 Matt Olson 1B (Bel)

22 Jake Goebbert OF (Mid-Sac)

21 Dusty Robinson OF (Sto)

21 B.A. Vollmuth 3B (Sto)



mm165457_10151385210931662_1498946120_n5249 Max Muncy 1B (Sto-Mid)

237 Anthony Aliotti 1B (Mid-Sac)

227 Michael Choice OF (Sac)

221 Jake Goebbert OF (Mid-Sac)

221 Chris Bostick 2B (Bel)



mm165457_10151385210931662_1498946120_n5100 Max Muncy 1B (Sto-Mid)

93 Matt Olson 1B (Bel)

92 Tony Thompson 1B-3B (Sto)

89 Chris Bostick 2B (Bel)

89 Michael Choice OF (Sac)



jwJemile+Weeks+Oakland+Athletics+Photo+Day+N9ruLJUyFFkl296 Jemile Weeks 2B-SS-OF (Sac)

90 Michael Choice OF (Sac)

89 Max Muncy 1B (Sto-Mid)

86 Addison Russell SS (Sto-Sac)

77 Daric Barton 1B-3B (Sac) / Conner Crumbliss OF (Mid-Sac)



mm165457_10151385210931662_1498946120_n588 Max Muncy 1B (Sto-Mid)

87 Daric Barton 1B-3B (Sac)

81 Conner Crumbliss OF (Mid-Sac)

81 Anthony Aliotti 1B (Mid-Sac)

80 Jemile Weeks 2B-SS-OF (Sac)



bv954719_10151534502031662_1845505909_n161 B.A. Vollmuth 3B (Sto)

160 Dusty Coleman SS-2B (Mid-Sac)

159 Bobby Crocker OF (Sto)

148 Matt Olson 1B (Bel)

146 Dusty Robinson OF (Sto)



cbDSC02502xxd25 Chris Bostick 2B (Bel)

22 Bobby Crocker OF (Sto)

21 Addison Russell SS (Sto-Sac)

21 Brett Vertigan OF (Bel)

20 D’Arby Myers OF (Mid)



dcdusty-coleman10 Dusty Coleman SS-2B (Mid-Sac)

10 D’Arby Myers OF (Mid)

9 Bobby Crocker OF (Sto)

8 Aaron Shipman OF (Bel-AZL)

8 Chris Bostick 2B (Bel)



rnnc3bac3b1ez-renato339 Renato Nunez 3B (Bel)

31 B.A. Vollmuth 3B (Sto)

23 Dusty Coleman SS-2B (Mid-Sac)

22 Chris Bostick 2B (Bel)

21 Darwin Perez SS-2B (Mid)


–BATTING AVERAGE– (minimum 200 at-bats)

bmc320x.326 Billy McKinney OF (AZL-Ver)

.325 Grant Green 2B (Sac)

.324 Stephen Vogt C (Sac)

.324 Anthony Aliotti 1B (Mid-Sac)

.302 Michael Choice OF (Sac)


–ON-BASE PERCENTAGE– (minimum 200 at-bats)

dbdaricbartonoaklandathleticsvminnesota7as3wx7nofbl.423 Daric Barton 1B-3B (Sac)

.416 Anthony Aliotti 1B (Mid-Sac)

.408 Aaron Shipman OF (Bel-AZL)

.398 Stephen Vogt C (Sac)

.390 Michael Choice OF (Sac)


–SLUGGING PERCENTAGE– (minimum 200 at-bats)

svvogt2.547 Stephen Vogt C (Sac)

.500 Grant Green 2B (Sac)

.495 Addison Russell SS (Sto-Sac)

.480 Anthony Aliotti 1B (Mid-Sac)

.476 Max Muncy 1B (Sto-Mid)


–ON-BASE + SLUGGING– (minimum 200 at-bats)

svvogt2.945 Stephen Vogt C (Sac)

.896 Anthony Aliotti 1B (Mid-Sac)

.879 Grant Green 2B (Sac)

.865 Addison Russell SS (Sto-Sac)

.857 Max Muncy 1B (Sto-Mid)

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zn515ba73c01e8d.preview-300165 2/3 Zach Neal RHP (Mid)

165 2/3 Tanner Peters RHP (Sto)

165 Andrew Werner LHP (Sac)

156 1/3 Raul Alcantara RHP (Sto-Bel)

155 1/3 Sean Murphy RHP (Mid-Sto) / Drew Granier RHP (Sto-Mid)



tpIQ514123533b159 Tanner Peters RHP (Sto)

153 Drew Granier RHP (Sto-Mid)

140 Sean Murphy RHP (Mid-Sto)

135 Bruce Billings RHP (Sac)

125 Travis Banwart RHP (Sac)



bb530c87329ccf4df68b8d70d5e7f73166_i313 Bruce Billings RHP (Sac)

12 Raul Alcantara RHP (Sto-Bel)

12 Andrew Werner LHP (Sac)

12 Tanner Peters RHP (Sto)

10 Travis Banwart RHP (Sac)



bgbrian-gordon-mugshot-9d01ec1b1559d6e923 Brian Gordon RHP (Sac)

19 Ryan Dull RHP (Bel-Sto-Mid)

15 Dan Otero RHP (Sac)

9 Austin House RHP (Bel)

7 Trevor Bayless RHP (Ver-Bel)


–EARNED RUN AVERAGE– (minimum 90 innings)

ch500f47fbe4385.image22.66 Carlos Hernandez LHP (Mid-Sac)

3.10 Brent Powers LHP (Ver-Bel)

3.11 Raul Alcantara RHP (Sto-Bel)

3.42 Sonny Gray RHP (Sac)

3.48 Murphy Smith RHP (Mid)


–WALKS + HITS PER INNING PITCHED– (minimum 90 innings)

raAlcantara_480_copy_ny1gttbt_waw91fkd21.16 Raul Alcantara RHP (Sto-Bel)

1.17 Tanner Peters RHP (Sto)

1.20 Carlos Hernandez LHP (Mid-Sac)

1.26 Zach Neal RHP (Mid)

1.29 Bruce Billings RHP (Sac)


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