Spring Training Update – 3/4/13


A’s Farm’s update on the first week of spring training and top prospect Michael Choice’s hot start…


Michael Choice Career Stats

A’s Spring Training Stats



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What do you think the odds are for Shane Peterson to be added to the A’s Major League roster sometime this season? Could he be used as a backup at first base perhaps?

It all depends on injuries. But sure, he could be a credible back up at first base or in the outfield at some point this season if needed.

I started woikrng for a State Farm agent in PA a little over a year ago. I LOVE woikrng for the agent along with being able to sell State Farm Insurance. I have been to the AFO (Agent’s Field Office) a few times when the agent sent me and I was able to meet people who are woikrng for the AFO, other agent’s offices, and State Farm Corporate. Everyone woikrng here is so friendly and very nice. I have yet to meet someone who I do not get along with or someone who is not friendly. Before I worked here I was woikrng for a collection agency and had no prior experience in Insurance. My agent and coworker helped me get through the testing for Property & Casualty Licensing test and he has been very supportive! They have been very patient and understanding with the time it took me to get used to selling insurance. The HARDEST part of the job so far has been passing the state tests and getting used to the insurance industry. Now you couldn’t pay my enough to go back to my old job at the collection agency!!! THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE was to apply at my local State Farm office for a job and get the job!! Hope this helps!

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