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A’s Assistant GM David Forst on Top Prospects Russell & McKinney, Coco’s New Contract and What the A’s Expect from Reddick in 2014

DSC03126fAs part of A’s FanFest this past weekend, a few representatives of the A’s took some time out to attend a bloggers-only press conference at the Coliseum. First up was A’s assistant general manager David Forst who volunteered a generous bit of time to talk about some top major and minor league players for the A’s. We had the chance to ask him about two of the A’s most promising young players – shortstop Addison Russell and outfielder Billy McKinney. Forst clearly couldn’t be more excited about the prospects for Russell, and he’s definitely not the only one in the A’s front office who feels that way.

Earlier in the day, in a question-and-answer session at the Oracle Arena, A’s general manager Billy Beane lit up like a Christmas tree when the subject of Russell came up. He characterized the young shortstop as a special kind of player who doesn’t come along very often and said he was “knocking on the door.” The A’s GM went on to enthuse, “We’ve had some great young players come through the system, and we’re as excited about Addison as we have been about a lot of the guys…that went on to be stars. So he’s got a chance to be a really, really good player.”

In his session, Forst also talked about some of the team’s top young pitching prospects and shared some interesting insights on the A’s draft philosophy that has seen the team increasingly shift its focus to high school players in recent years. On the major league front, the assistant GM discussed the challenge of having to fill a number of holes in the offseason, Coco Crisp’s recent contract extension, what the team expects from Josh Reddick and John Jaso in 2014, and how the A’s expect to contend in a strengthened American League West and push themselves past the competition in the postseason. But A’s Farm started things off by asking Forst to share his take on the A’s most promising young player in the pipeline…


On A’s top prospect Addison Russell

I expect he’ll start the year at Midland. The thing that impressed me most about Addison last year, and there were obviously a lot…to see the way he kind of turned his season around…that tells me as much about Addison as a player as anything he did. You can go and watch him and see the power, see the swing, see the arm from the hole…with a guy like that, it’s really easy to see. But I remember having conversations in April with Todd Steverson, who at the time was our minor league hitting coordinator, and saying, “Hey, is this kid okay? Look, let him know we understand, he’s going to struggle.” And when I saw him myself in May, I said, “Hey, you’re not going to hit .200 forever – it’s just not going to happen.” I think he’s a confident kid, but anyone who spends a whole month doing that, there’s going to be a little bit of doubt. And within a couple weeks, he started to turn around. He’s going to hit, he’s going to have enough power for the middle of the diamond, he can throw from anywhere. There’s a reason he’s a top ten prospect in baseball. And to see him turn the season around, put everything together, and continue on into the [Arizona] Fall League, that’s a long year for anyone, particularly for a kid in his first full season…Everyone says we haven’t had a kid put it all together since Eric Chavez was there…and we’re going to see a lot of him in spring training. I know one of Bob Melvin’s main objectives is to get Addison a lot of reps because there’s no telling how soon he’s going to be here…You can see the tools and the ability, but when you spend time with him and you understand how much fun he has and how mentally strong he is, you really feel good about his chances going forward.


Billy McKinney: Following in Addison's footsteps.

Billy McKinney: Following in Addison’s footsteps.

On last year’s top draft pick Billy McKinney

I actually didn’t get to Arizona to see those guys. I saw Billy in March last year – I went to see him play in high school. There wasn’t a lot of consensus on the board last year in the draft room. It was just one of those years where we were picking so low that guys had different opinions. But by the time that we got down there, the nice thing was we did have a strong voice in Billy’s favor – and you always feel good about a pick when that happens. And he came out and hit the way we expected, sort of above what you’d expect for his years. He got a chance to go to Vermont and get his feet wet a little bit. And I know in Instructional League, he talked to [A’s farm director] Keith Lieppman and said, “Just so you know, I expect to follow Addison’s path and start in Stockton next year.” It’s nice to hear. You don’t put expectations on a kid like that, because we know how special Addison is, but we know he will go be with a full-season club. We know he can hit, he did a great job in center field, and we’re excited about Billy.


On the A’s recent shift to drafting top high school players like Russell and McKinney…

We didn’t like taking kids out of high school when the information was so limited. Things have evolved over the last ten years. These kids play in so many showcases – they play against the best competition in the country. We know so much more performance-wise about a high school kid than we did even five years ago, but particularly when the book (Moneyball) was written…Sure, you’re dealing with an extra three years of personal development, and any kid from the ages of 18 to 21 changes a lot…but I think we’ve gotten to the point where we are a lot more comfortable with what these kids show us on the field. Addison is from Pensacola, Florida. If he was only playing against kids in a 50-mile radius, then you’re not sure how he stacks up. But he went to California and played, he went to Texas and played, he went to Miami and played against all these kids. Billy did the same thing – he’s on that showcase circuit where you know how he stacks up against everybody in the country…When we didn’t take Mike Trout, it was because we thought, “this is a cold-weather kid from the northeast, we’re not sure how he stacks up against the rest of the country.” Well, if we’d stepped back to see that Mike did the same things and played those circuits and performed really well, we might have lined up our board differently. So really, it’s a different time with the high school kids. And if our scouts have seen a lot of them and they sort of check enough boxes, we feel really good about those guys – and Billy fell into that group.


Bobby Wahl: Will he be a fast riser?

Bobby Wahl: Will he be a fast riser?

On 2013 draft picks Dylan Covey and Bobby Wahl

Both Covey and Wahl were interesting conversations. Covey was a 1st-round pick in high school. Bobby was expected to potentially be a 1st-round guy, at least a top two guy. Both guys fell to an area where we paid over-slot for them because we wanted to, and we felt like both guys had some sort of marks against them that hurt their draft status. With Dylan, he never sort of performed the way people expected him to out of high school, but the stuff was always there and there was an upward trend in his college performance. And Bobby we knew had an injury history, but if we could get him healthy and keep him healthy, this was a 1st-round talent. So as far as the diversity of our draft portfolio, those guys fit really nicely after taking a guy like Billy [McKinney] in the 1st-round because they’re a little more advanced. And if they did stay healthy and kind of live up to what their pre-draft status was, you potentially have some top guys. And both guys went out and pitched great. Dylan obviously was able to make the jump to the Midwest League for a couple starts. But both those guys have a chance to start the year in Stockton, depending on how things shake out, and potentially move quickly because of their status as college players.


On the value of 1st-round draft picks and the recent trades of former 1st-rounders Grant Green and Michael Choice

The goal of a 1st-round pick is always to get them here. You never draft someone hoping just to create an asset to move. With Grant and with Michael, it sort of worked out that way. But it’s a lot more rewarding certainly when Sonny Gray pitches here or ultimately when Addison Russell does get here. That’s what you want out of your 1st-round pick. I won’t say that we’re sort of focused on any position ever in the 1st-round – we’re looking for the best player…I know there’s been a lot made of trading those guys. Throughout the farm system, we’ve moved a lot of players and, as such, we’re sort of in a position where we need to rebuild. But there’s never a specific goal with a 1st-round pick.


Craig "Kitten Face" Gentry: Just what the A's were looking for?

Craig “Kitten Face” Gentry: Just what the A’s were looking for?

On meeting the team’s key offseason needs…

When you look at our checklist at the end of October, replace Bartolo Colon, replace Grant Balfour, so you’ve got a starting pitcher and a closer. Craig Gentry was a guy we had been focused on for a long time who we just felt fit so well…with his ability to play all three outfield spots, running, hitting from the right side, so we sort of checked that one off…We added more pieces to the bullpen. We got some depth in the starting rotation with Josh Lindblom and Drew Pomeranz. These were all things that we sort of laid out in October. You just hope you can hit as many as possible.


On how the A’s expect to best the rest of the west in 2014…

We still feel like the make-up of the complete 25-man roster gives us a chance to repeat, and as great a job as Bob Melvin has done the last two years of managing that group – putting guys in the right spots, platooning, using the bullpen. We feel like from 1 to 25, we’re just as strong as we were, if not stronger than, the last two years. And certainly the bullpen – with adding Jim Johnson and Luke Gregerson to what was already an outstanding group, maybe potentially a full season of Dan Otero, and Jesse Chavez showed last year what he can do – that has to be a strength that we’re going to lean on a lot.


Jim Johnson: The $10 million man.

Jim Johnson: The A’s $10 million man.

On the effect of increased national TV revenue on the team’s spending…

There’s no doubt our payroll is going to be higher this year probably than ever, certainly in the time I’ve been here. You just have to do the math and see we’re significantly above where we were last year. And that’s what allowed us to go get Jim Johnson, knowing there’s going to be a $10 million price tag on him, and to sign Scott Kazmir, even a move like signing Eric O’Flaherty, where you’re only adding a little bit for this year. But we had already sort of bumped up against our number, and [managing partner] Lew Wolff and [team president] Mike Crowley were very open to what we were trying to do with Eric for half a season and then backload the money. So there’s no doubt that, whether it’s the TV money, the success of the team, all these things have gone into ownership being very open to increasing the bar and letting us do some things this offseason that we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.


On avoiding long-term contracts and Coco Crisp’s extension…

I think we’ve benefited a lot from the flexibility over the last few years. Obviously having added Coco in the last 24 hours, but other than Yoenis Cespedes and Scott Kazmir, there was nobody signed for 2015. We don’t necessarily want to recreate the team every year, because obviously the fans like the players that are here and we like the certainty of the guys that we know, but that we’ve given ourselves the ability to do it is a huge factor in our success. So to commit to a guy like Coco, obviously we know the guy, we know the player, he’s so important to what we do, and it was just an opportunity where we felt like this was the right dollar amount to commit to him beyond the next couple of years.


Josh Reddick: Hoping to reclaim his 2012 glory in 2014.

Josh Reddick: Will he reclaim his 2012 glory in 2014?

On expectations for Josh Reddick in 2014…

We certainly expect Josh to bounce back. I don’t think anybody knows fully how much his wrist affected him last year, and Josh will never ever admit it privately or publicly. But the fact is that he had that injury in Houston early in the year. And when you look at the difference in his numbers between 2012 and 2013, a player with his talent, you have to assume there’s something else going on. So we fully expect Josh to bounce back – and I fully expect to have him under contract hopefully sometime in the next couple weeks. But Josh adds so much with his defense alone that it’s hard to calculate his value to the team. And if he does get back to being the offensive player that we saw in 2012, he has the chance to carry this team at times.


On expectations for John Jaso’s return in 2014…

He’s coming to camp as a catcher. He’s cleared all exams. He’s had no setbacks with his physical activity. Look, you can’t predict how he reacts when he gets hit by a foul tip – that’s a medical issue. We did everything we could in terms of giving him the rest he needed and getting him to see the right people. But he comes into camp as a catcher – same situation with him and Derek Norris. The nice thing is Stephen Vogt sort of emerged last year in John’s absence, and that’s a great problem to have. If you end up having a roster with all three of those guys, they’re great options for the DH spot and the catching spot.


Nick Punto: He's been there, done that.

Nick Punto: He’s been there, done that.

On how he expects new additions like Scott Kazmir, Jim Johnson, Luke Gregerson and Nick Punto to help the A’s, particularly in the postseason…

Each of those guys we felt addressed, not necessarily a weakness, but somewhere we could get better. It’s hard to say how they specifically help us in the postseason, but anytime your pitching depth is strong – whether it’s with Kaz or Jim Johnson or Gregerson – you expect that to come into play in a tight postseason game. Nick has played in the postseason quite a bit, he’s been on winning teams, he knows a lot of the guys around the league. There’s no way that his experience isn’t going to help us when it comes down the stretch – it’s sort of subjective to say exactly what that is, but we’ve seen it before with players that we’ve brought in. So hopefully these guys fit as well as the group has the last two years. Ultimately, that’s what we’re trying to do is put that puzzle together to compete in September, and I think we have every reason to believe that these guys will fit.

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A’s Eager to Deal Prospects to Win Now!


Billy Beane’s been a busy boy!

A’s general manager Billy Beane has had a busy week – and it ain’t over yet! On Monday, the team signed free agent left-handed starting pitcher Scott Kazmir to a two-year $22 million deal. And later that same day, the A’s acquired right-handed closer Jim Johnson from Baltimore in return for second baseman Jemile Weeks and a player to be named later.

Then on Tuesday, the team traded two of its top minor league prospects, outfielder Michael Choice and second baseman Chris Bostick, to Texas for outfielder Craig Gentry and right-handed starter Josh Lindblom. The A’s then followed that up just hours later by sending outfielder Seth Smith to San Diego for right-handed reliever Luke Gregerson.

Just the previous week, the team dealt minor league outfielder John Wooten to Washington for left-handed reliever Fernando Abad. And two weeks prior to that, the A’s signed utility infielder Nick Punto as a free agent.


Craig “Kitten Face” Gentry

The A’s new outfielder, Craig Gentry – who was nicknamed “Kitten Face” in Texas – is a right-handed hitting outfielder who can play all three outfield positions. He brings excellent defense and speed and hits lefties well, so he figures to take Chris Young’s place as a right-handed platoon player and fourth outfielder who could take over full time in center field for the A’s when Coco Crisp becomes a free agent after next season.

In order to acquire Gentry, the A’s gave up their top outfield prospect, who also happened to be the team’s top major-league-ready hitting prospect, former 1st-round draft pick Michael Choice. After hitting .302 at Triple-A Sacramento in 2013, many had hoped that Choice would be given the chance to fill Young’s role on the A’s roster in 2014. But instead, he’ll get the chance to battle for a starting spot in the Rangers’ outfield this season.

Top talent evaluators are divided on Choice’s chances for success as a major league slugger. But the A’s have a history of undervaluing and trading away talented young outfielders who’ve gone on to become successful major league hitters elsewhere. And A’s fans have to hope that Choice doesn’t turn out to be the next Andre Ethier, Nelson Cruz or Carlos Gonzalez in Texas.

With Choice now gone, Shane Peterson and Michael Taylor are now the most major-league-ready outfielders at the upper levels of the A’s minor league system, while 20-year-old B.J. Boyd and 19-year-old Billy McKinney are the team’s top outfield prospects at the lower levels of the system.

The A’s also traded away their top second base prospect, Chris Bostick, in the deal. And it looks increasingly likely that shortstop Daniel Robertson might have to try to make the move to second base to provide a future double play partner for top shortstop prospect Addison Russell. With fellow second baseman Jemile Weeks now gone as well, Sacramento’s 2014 infield could be comprised of Daric Barton or Anthony Aliotti at first base, minor league free agent signee Jose Martinez at second base, Andy Parrino at shortstop, Hiro Nakajima at third base and Dusty Coleman as the utility infielder filling in at second, short and third.

Meanwhile, RHP Josh Lindblom is likely to start the season in Sacramento’s starting rotation, along with River Cats returnees Arnold Leon and Andrew Werner as well as recent minor league free agent signees Phil Humber and Matt Buschmann.

Scott Kazmir - the $22 million dollar man

Scott Kazmir – the $22 million dollar man

At the major league level, new acquisitions Scott Kazmir and Jim Johnson are clearly intended to take the place of free agents Bartolo Colon and Grant Balfour on the A’s pitching staff. With Kazmir guaranteed $11 million this season, Johnson expected to net $10-11 million in arbitration and seven starting pitchers currently on the staff, the A’s second-highest-paid starter, Brett Anderson at $8 million, is expected to be the A’s most appetizing bit of a trade bait to be dangled at next week’s Winter Meetings. And rumors already have the Blue Jays, Twins, Royals, Yankees, Indians and Mariners licking their lips over the left-hander.

Assuming the A’s are able to complete a deal for Anderson, the team’s 2014 rotation would then be comprised of five of the following six starters: Scott Kazmir, Jarrod Parker, Tommy Milone, A.J. Griffin, Dan Straily and Sonny Gray. Given the general health of starting pitchers, it wouldn’t be surprising if one out of any group of six starters wasn’t 100% healthy to start the season, so I wouldn’t bother spending too much time worrying about which five of the six will end up making the opening day cut – it’ll surely sort itself out by the end of spring.

As far as the A’s bullpen goes, new closer Jim Johnson, who has saved at least 50 games in each of the last two seasons, and new RHP Luke Gregerson, who has been one of the best setup men in the National League over the past couple of years, are set to join LHPs Sean Doolittle and Jerry Blevins and RHPs Ryan Cook and Jesse Chavez, who is out options and whom the A’s value as a long man and spot starter.

Since the team typically likes to carry seven relievers, there’s room for one more arm in the A’s pen, and RHP Dan Otero is clearly the most deserving candidate for the final spot. But since Fernando Abad, Evan Scribner, Pedro Figueroa and Fernando Rodriguez are all out of options, it’s possible that Otero could start the season being stashed at Sacramento, waiting for someone to hit the DL while one of the others is given a shot.

Over the past week and a half, the A’s farm system has suffered the loss of outfielder Michael Choice, second baseman Jemile Weeks, second baseman Chris Bostick and outfielder John Wooten. And in the last six months, the team lost its 2007 #1 draft pick James Simmons as a minor league free agent and traded away 2008’s #1 pick Jemile Weeks, 2009’s #1 pick Grant Green and 2010’s #1 pick Michael Choice. 2011’s #1 pick Sonny Gray has already made it to the majors, while 2012’s #1 pick Addison Russell should be starting the season at Double-A Midland and 2013’s #1 pick Billy McKinney is expected to start the year at Class-A Beloit.


Brett Anderson – next up on the trading block?

As previously mentioned, LHP Brett Anderson is the most likely member of the A’s roster to be the next one to find himself on Billy Beane’s trading block, with infielder Alberto Callaspo not far behind. With six other starters on the staff, a long injury history and an $8 million salary attached to his name, Anderson is clearly expendable. And with a salary close to $5 million and no definite spot in the A’s lineup, Callaspo seems to just be taking up roster and salary space at this point.

Outfielders Seth Smith, Chris Young and Michael Choice have all recently departed, with Craig Gentry being the only outfielder the A’s have acquired to take their place. So it certainly seems like there could be room for one more big OF/DH bat to be added to the A’s lineup to help boost the team’s offensive output, possibly as the result of an Anderson deal.

It’s also been reported that the A’s have been inquiring about middle infielders and catchers in trade talks for Anderson. So the team could be looking for a second baseman to take the place of Eric Sogard, or a shortstop who would then enable Jed Lowrie to make the move to second, or possibly a catcher who would allow John Jaso to take over for Seth Smith in the designated hitter role.

The A’s major league roster currently shapes up with Jaso and Norris as the catching platoon, Donaldson, Lowrie, Sogard, Punto, Moss and Freiman serving around the infield, and Cespedes, Crisp, Reddick and Gentry making up the outfield. Since the team typically likes to carry thirteen position players, that leaves one last roster spot open. At this point, it would most likely be filled by Callaspo. But if he ends up being traded, then it would be Barton, unless, of course, the A’s acquire another big bat who would end up pushing Barton back to Sacramento.

With all the current question marks, one thing seems certain – Beane and company aren’t done dealing just yet, and the A’s roster is far from set. There are surely more changes to come. But for the time being, here’s how things are shaping up for the 2014 A’s and River Cats, assuming everyone who’s out of options can clear waivers.

Click here to see the possible 2014 A’s and River Cats rosters…


A’s Farm’s 2013 Post-Season Organizational All-Star Team

1B Anthony Aliotti's sweet swing earned him a promotion to Sacramento this season.

First baseman Anthony Aliotti’s sweet swing earned him a promotion to Sacramento this season.

With the 2013 minor league season now complete, it’s a good time to take a step back and determine who the true standouts on the field really were in the A’s system in 2013. And with that in mind, we’re naming A’s Farm’s 2013 Post-Season Organizational All-Star Team!

Below you’ll find the primary starting players at each position for Triple-A Sacramento, Double-A Midland, High-A Stockton, Class-A Beloit, Class-A Short-Season Vermont and the Rookie League Short-Season AZL A’s in 2013. Offensive starters were selected from the players who had the most games played at each position for each team, with notable players not leading in games played at a particular position listed in the designated hitter category, and players no longer with the organization were not included. Starting pitchers were selected from hurlers who had at least 20 starts for each full-season team or at least 10 starts for short season teams, while closers were selected from each team’s season saves leader. The asterisks denote players with combined statistics from multiple minor league teams within the A’s system, but players’ major league statistics were not included.

Below the list of contenders, you’ll find A’s Farm’s selection of Organizational All-Stars at each position. The winners were determined based purely on performance, not potential. Remember, we’re not selecting the top prospects here, we’re choosing the top performers on the field this season. So take a good look at the candidates for yourself and feel free to chime in with your own thoughts and selections!


A’s Farm’s Organizational All-Star Team – The Contenders



Sacto – Stephen Vogt (13 HR / .324 AVG / .398 OBP / .547 SLG / .945 OPS)

Midland – Beau Taylor (3 HR / .191 AVG / .282 OBP / .266 SLG / .548 OPS)

Stockton – Phil Pohl (9 HR / .228 AVG / .288 OBP / .398 SLG / .686 OPS) *

Beloit – Nick Rickles (7 HR / .261 AVG / .291 OBP / .390 SLG / .682 OPS) *

Vermont – Josh Miller (0 HR / .176 AVG / .239 OBP / .214 SLG / .453 OPS)

AZL A’s – Andy Paz (2 HR / .228 AVG / .304 OBP / .337 SLG / .641 OPS)



Sacto – Daric Barton (7 HR / .297 AVG / .423 OBP / .430 SLG / .853 OPS)

Midland – Anthony Aliotti (14 HR / .324 AVG / .416 OBP / .480 SLG / .896 OPS) *

Stockton – Max Muncy (25 HR / .273 AVG / .381 OBP / .476 SLG / .857 OPS) *

Beloit – Matt Olson (23 HR / .225 AVG / .326 OBP / .435 SLG / .761 OPS)

Vermont – Ryan Huck (5 HR / .285 AVG / .378 OBP / .465 SLG / .843 OPS) *

AZL A’s – Gabriel Santana (1 HR / .267 AVG / .305 OBP / .342 SLG / .646 OPS)



Sacto – Jemile Weeks (4 HR / .271 AVG / .376 OBP / .369 SLG / .745 OPS)

Midland – Dusty Coleman (3 HR / .255 AVG / .338 OBP / .382 SLG / .720 OPS) *

Stockton – Antonio Lamas (12 HR / .255 AVG / .304 OBP / .381 SLG / .685 OPS)

Beloit – Chris Bostick (14 HR / .282 AVG / .354 OBP / .452 SLG / .806 OPS)

Vermont – Melvin Mercedes (0 HR / .228 AVG / .331 OBP / .248 SLG / .580 OPS)

AZL A’s – Joe Bennie (1 HR / .246 AVG / .380 OBP / .369 SLG / .749 OPS)



Sacto – Andy Parrino (4 HR / .210 AVG / .300 OBP / .302 SLG / .602 OPS)

Midland – Darwin Perez (3 HR / .237 AVG / .326 OBP / .333 SLG / .659 OPS)

Stockton – Addison Russell (17 HR / .269 AVG / .369 OBP / .495 SLG / .865 OPS) *

Beloit – Daniel Robertson (9 HR / .277 AVG / .353 OBP / .401 SLG / .754 OPS)

Vermont – Chad Pinder (3 HR / .200 AVG / .286 OBP / .293 SLG / .579 OPS)

AZL A’s – Edwin Diaz (1 HR / .239 AVG / .276 OBP / .359 SLG / .634 OPS)



Sacto – Hiro Nakajima (4 HR / .283 AVG / .331 OBP / .367 SLG / .698 OPS)

Midland – Jefry Marte (2 HR / .278 AVG / .349 OBP / .380 SLG / .729 OPS)

Stockton – B.A. Vollmuth (21 HR / .212 AVG / .301 OBP / .408 SLG / .709 OPS)

Beloit – Renato Nunez (19 HR / .258 AVG / .301 OBP / .423 SLG / .725 OPS)

Vermont – Luis Baez (1 HR / .184 AVG / .223 OBP / .230 SLG / .453 OPS)

AZL A’s – A.J. Kubala (4 HR / .147 AVG / .266 OBP / .353 SLG / .619 OPS)



Sacto – Michael Choice (14 HR / .302 AVG / .390 OBP / .445 SLG / .835 OPS)

Midland – Conner Crumbliss (13 HR / .259 AVG / .389 OBP / .421 SLG / .810 OPS) *

Stockton – Rashun Dixon (16 HR / .215 AVG / .349 OBP / .424 SLG / .772 OPS) *

Beloit – Ryan Mathews (14 HR / .260 AVG / .337 OBP / .446 SLG / .783 OPS)

Vermont – B.J. Boyd (8 HR / .285 AVG / .375 OBP / .442 SLG / .817 OPS)

AZL A’s – Justin Higley (6 HR / .275 AVG / .363 OBP / .490 SLG / .853 OPS)



Sacto – Shane Peterson (12 HR / .251 AVG / .358 OBP / .387 SLG / .745 OPS)

Midland – D’Arby Myers (5 HR / .285 AVG / .320 OBP / .388 SLG / .707 OPS)

Stockton – Bobby Crocker (11 HR / .276 AVG / .343 OBP / .454 SLG / .797 OPS)

Beloit – Brett Vertigan (0 HR / .243 AVG / .333 OBP / .321 SLG / .654 OPS)

Vermont – Herschel Powell (0 HR / .283 AVG / .364 OBP / .344 SLG / .708 OPS)

AZL A’s – Billy McKinney (3 HR / .326 AVG / .387 OBP / .437 SLG / .824 OPS) *



Sacto – Michael Taylor (18 HR / .281 AVG / .360 OBP / .474 SLG / .833 OPS)

Midland – Chad Oberacker (6 HR / .237 AVG / .305 OBP / .388 SLG / .694 OPS)

Stockton – Dusty Robinson (21 HR / .210 AVG / .279 OBP / .395 SLG / .674 OPS)

Beloit – John Wooten (20 HR / .257 AVG / .333 OBP / .430 SLG / .764 OPS)

Vermont – Tyler Marincov (3 HR / .215 AVG / .302 OBP / .313 SLG / .615 OPS)

AZL A’s – Vicmal De La Cruz (2 HR / .213 AVG / .267 OBP / .279 SLG / .546 OPS)



Sacto – Jeremy Barfield (12 HR / .213 AVG / .298 OBP / .407 SLG / .706 OPS) *

Midland – Jake Goebbert (22 HR / .262 AVG / .354 OBP / .474 SLG / .828 OPS) *

Stockton – Tony Thompson (18 HR / .250 AVG / .322 OBP / .428 SLG / .751 OPS)

Beloit – Aaron Shipman (0 HR / .289 AVG / .408 OBP / .342 SLG / .750 OPS) *

Vermont – Michael Soto (3 HR / .206 AVG / .258 OBP / .335 SLG / .593 OPS)

AZL A’s – Shawn Duinkerk (0 HR / .246 AVG / .288 OBP / .341 SLG / .628 OPS)



Sacto – Sonny Gray (118 1/3 IP / 117 H / 45 ER / 39 BB / 118 K / 3.42 ERA / 1.32 WHIP)

Midland – Carlos Hernandez (152 IP / 142 H / 45 ER / 41 BB / 106 K / 2.66 ERA / 1.20 WHIP) *

Stockton – Tanner Peters (165 2/3 IP / 167 H / 75 ER / 27 BB / 159 K / 4.07 ERA / 1.17 WHIP)

Beloit – Seth Streich (110 2/3 IP / 114 H / 47 ER / 41 BB / 82 K / 3.82 ERA / 1.40 WHIP)

Vermont – Brent Powers (95 2/3 IP / 88 H / 33 ER / 29 BB / 85 K / 3.10 ERA / 1.22 WHIP) *

AZL A’s – Ronald Herrera (78 1/3 IP / 86 H / 35 ER / 13 BB / 66 K / 4.02 ERA / 1.26 WHIP) *



Sacto – Brian Gordon (63 IP / 61 H / 25 ER / 9 BB / 66 K / 3.57 ERA / 1.11 WHIP / 23 SV)

Midland – Kyler Newby (60 IP / 57 H / 18 ER / 19 BB / 59 K / 2.70 ERA / 1.27 WHIP / 7 SV) *

Stockton – Jonathan Joseph (64 1/3 IP / 46 H / 25 ER / 28 BB / 76 K / 3.50 ERA / 1.15 WHIP / 6 SV)

Beloit – Ryan Dull (60 IP / 44 H / 16 ER / 9 BB / 78 K / 2.40 ERA / 0.88 WHIP / 19 SV) *

Vermont – Trevor Bayless (24 1/3 IP / 28 H / 10 ER / 9 BB / 29 K / 3.70 ERA / 1.52 WHIP / 7 SV) *

AZL A’s – Travis Pitcher (21 1/3 IP / 19 H / 4 ER / 13 BB / 27 K / 1.69 ERA / 1.50 WHIP / 3 SV)

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Saturday, August 31st: Snappers Win Behind Olson’s Big Bat while Cats, Hounds & Ports All Fall

A’s Farmhand Of The Day

Beloit Snappers First Baseman Matt Olson (Home Run / 3 RBIs / GWRBI)

Beloit Snappers First Baseman Matt Olson (Home Run / 3 RBIs / GWRBI)



Sacramento River Cats  0

Tacoma Rainiers               4

LP – Billings 13-8 / 4.31



Farmhand Of The Game:

Pitcher Bruce Billings

(5 IP / 3 H / 1 ER / 5 BB / 2 K)


Starter Bruce Billings had a solid outing for Sacramento, allowing 2 runs, just 1 earned, over 5 innings of work, but he still ended up taking the loss on Saturday. Outfielder Michael Choice had 3 hits, including a pair of doubles, while catcher Derek Norris went 1 for 4 in his first rehab appearance for the River Cats, and shortstop Addison Russell, serving as the designated hitter for the night, went 0 for 3 in his debut for Sacramento. Meanwhile, Susan Slusser reported on Saturday night that the A’s will add infielders Jemile Weeks and Andy Parrino along with LHP Pedro Figueroa to the major league roster when rosters expand on Sunday. She’s also expecting that the A’s will add LHP Tommy Milone and RHP Evan Scribner on Tuesday, and that outfielder Michael Choice is likely to join the major league roster as well.

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Friday, August 30th: Smith Pitches Hounds to Victory while Cats & Ports Fall as Russell Heads to Sacramento

A’s Farmhand Of The Day

Midland RockHounds Pitcher Murphy Smith (7 IP / 8 H / 1 ER / 1 BB / 5 K / Win)

Midland RockHounds RHP Murphy Smith (7 IP / 8 H / 1 ER / 1 BB / 5 K / Win)



Sacramento River Cats  1

Tacoma Rainiers               7

LP – Hernandez 1-3 / 5.85



Farmhand Of The Game:

Outfielder Michael Choice

(1 for 3 / Walk)


LHP Carlos Hernandez allowed 3 runs on 7 hits over 5 innings of work to take his 3rd loss on Friday. The River Cats managed just 5 hits in the game. Outfielder Michael Choice singled and walked, while second baseman Jemile Weeks singled and doubled but also committed a pair of errors in the field, and third baseman Dusty Coleman went 0 for 4 in the game and is now 0 for 14 since joining the River Cats. In other news, shortstop Addison Russell is scheduled to join Sacramento on Saturday to help the Cats in their playoff run.

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Wednesday, August 21st: Olson’s Big Bat Leads Snappers to Victory while Cats Win and Hounds & Ports Both Fall

A’s Farmhand Of The Day

Beloit Snappers First Baseman Matt Olson (2 Home Runs / 3 RBIs)

Beloit Snappers First Baseman Matt Olson (2 Home Runs / 3 RBIs)



Sacramento River Cats   7

Colorado Springs Sky Sox  5

WP – Scribner 3-1 / 2.32



Farmhand Of The Game:

Designated Hitter Michael Choice

(2 Doubles / 2 RBIs)


Designated hitter Michael Choice had a pair of doubles and drove in both the tying and the winning runs in the top of the 9th inning for the River Cats, while outfielder Michael Taylor collected 3 hits and drove in 3 runs on Wednesday. Starter Travis Banwart had a rocky outing, allowing 4 runs over 5 2/3 innings, while RHP Evan Scribner gave up 1 run in 2 innings of relief to pick up the win, and RHP Brian Gordon got the final 3 outs to notch his 19th save for Sacramento.

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Friday, August 9th: Peters Pitches Ports to Victory while Cats, Hounds & Snappers All Fall on Friday

A’s Farmhand Of The Day

Stockton Ports Pitcher Tanner Peters (8 1/3 IP / 1 H / 0 ER / 0 BB / 14 K / Win)

Stockton Ports Pitcher Tanner Peters   (8 1/3 IP / 1 H / 0 ER / 0 BB / 14 K)



Sacramento River Cats  4

Omaha Storm Chasers      9

LP – Werner 10-13 / 6.16



Farmhand Of The Game:

Designated Hitter Michael Choice

(3 for 4 / 2 RBIs)


Starter Andrew Werner had a rocky outing for the River Cats, allowing 6 runs on 8 hits over 4 2/3 innings to take his 13th loss on Friday, while designated hitter Michael Choice had 3 hits and drove in a pair of runs for the Cats.

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Tuesday, July 30th: Ports Win Behind Russell’s 2 HRs while Cats, Hounds & Snappers All Fall and McKinney Hits 1st HR

A’s Farmhand Of The Day

Stockton Ports Shortstop Addison Russell (2 Home Runs / 3 RBIs)

Stockton Ports Shortstop Addison Russell (2 Home Runs / 3 RBIs)



Albuquerque Isotopes       2

Sacramento River Cats  0

LP – Billings 10-5 / 4.23



Farmhand Of The Game:

Pitcher Bruce Billings

(8 IP / 4 H / 2 ER / 1 BB / 4 K)


Starter Bruce Billings had another strong outing for Sacramento, allowing 2 runs on just 4 hits over 8 innings of work, but he still ended up taking the loss on Tuesday. Outfielder Michael Choice continued his hot hitting of late, collecting 2 hits, including a double, for the River Cats. Second baseman Grant Green was scratched just prior to the game, and it was later announced that the former 1st-round draft pick had been traded to the Angels for veteran infielder Alberto Callaspo.

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Saturday, July 27th: Snappers Win Behind Rickles’ Big Day while Cats, Hounds & Ports All Come up Short

A’s Farmhand Of The Day

Beloit Snappers Catcher Nick Rickles (5 for 5 / Home Run / Double / 2 RBIs)

 Beloit Snappers Catcher Nick Rickles          (5 for 5 / Home Run / Double / 2 RBIs)



Sacramento River Cats  4

Las Vegas 51s                  9

LP – Leon 1-2 / 5.76

HR – Choice (13)



Farmhand Of The Game:

Designated Hitter Michael Choice

(Home Run / Double / 3 RBIs)


After singling, doubling and hitting a grand slam on Friday night, designated hitter Michael Choice singled, doubled and hit a 3-run homer on Saturday night. Second baseman Grant Green singled and doubled, while catcher David Freitas collected a pair of singles and drove in a run in his second game back with the River Cats. Starter Arnold Leon had a shaky outing for Sacramento, allowing 6 runs on 7 hits over 5 2/3 innings of work to take the loss.

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Friday, July 26th: Choice’s Slam Helps Cats Win while Ynoa Wins 1st for Ports and Hounds Drop a Pair

A’s Farmhand Of The Day

Sacramento River Cats Outfielder Michael Choice (Grand Slam)

Sacramento River Cats Outfielder Michael Choice (Grand Slam)



Sacramento River Cats  9

Las Vegas 51s                  3

WP – Banwart 6-5 / 4.95

HR – Choice (12), Freitas (1)



Farmhand Of The Game:

Outfielder Michael Choice

(Grand Slam)


Starter Travis Banwart had a solid outing for Sacramento on Friday, allowing 2 runs while striking out 9 over 5 innings to earn his 6th win. Outfielder Michael Choice hit a grand slam in the 8th inning after singling and doubling earlier in the game, while catcher David Freitas homered, doubled and drove in 3 runs in his return to the River Cats.

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