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A’s Farm’s 2014 Post-Season Organizational All-Star Team

First baseman Matt Olson led all A's minor leaguers with 37 home runs for Stockton

First baseman Matt Olson led all A’s minor leaguers with 37 home runs for Stockton.

With the 2014 minor league season now complete, it’s time to take a step back and determine who the true standouts on the field really were in the A’s system in 2014. And with that in mind, it’s time to name A’s Farm’s 2014 Post-Season Organizational All-Star Team!

Below you’ll find the primary starting players at each position for Triple-A Sacramento, Double-A Midland, High-A Stockton, Class-A Beloit, Class-A Short-Season Vermont and the Rookie League Short-Season Arizona League A’s in 2014. Offensive starters were selected from the players who had the most games played at each position for each team, with notable players not leading in games played at a particular position listed in the designated hitter category. Starting pitchers for each club were selected from hurlers who’ve had at least 10 starts for their team, while closers were selected from each team’s saves leader.

Players who left the A’s system during the season – Michael Taylor, Dusty Robinson, Billy McKinney, B.A. Vollmuth, etc. – have not been included. And the asterisks denote players with combined statistics from multiple minor league teams within the A’s system, but players’ major league statistics and statistics acquired while with other organizations have not been included.

Check out our list of All-Star contenders at each position below. Then just click on the link below our list of contenders to find A’s Farm’s winning Organizational All-Stars at each position. The winners were determined based purely on performance, not potential. Remember, we’re not selecting the top prospects here, we’re choosing the top performers on the field this season. So take a good look at the candidates for yourself and feel free to chime in with your own thoughts and selections!


A’s Farm’s Organizational All-Star Team – The Contenders



Sacto – Ryan Ortiz (2 HR / .215 AVG / .291 OBP / .362 SLG / .653 OPS)

Midland – Blake Forsythe (5 HR / .224 AVG / .307 OBP / .349 SLG / .656 OPS)

Stockton – Bruce Maxwell (6 HR / .243 AVG / .334 OBP / .334 SLG / .668 OPS) *

Beloit – Philip Pohl (6 HR / .242 AVG / .313 OBP / .374 SLG / .687 OPS) *

Vermont – Kyle Wheeler (0 HR / .181 AVG / .227 OBP / .205 SLG / .432 OPS)

AZL A’s – Argenis Raga (0 HR / .338 AVG / .400 OBP / .479 SLG / .879 OPS)



Sacto – Anthony Aliotti (9 HR / .267 AVG / .365 OBP / .406 SLG / .771 OPS) *

Midland – Max Muncy (7 HR / .264 AVG / .385 OBP / .379 SLG / .764 OPS)

Stockton – Matt Olson (37 HR / .262 AVG / .404 OBP / .543 SLG / .947 OPS)

Beloit – Michael Soto (9 HR / .290 AVG / .353 OBP / .492 SLG / .845 OPS) *

Vermont – John Nogowski (1 HR / .264 AVG / .351 OBP / .347 SLG / .699 OPS) *

AZL A’s – Shawn Duinkerk (0 HR / .167 AVG / .222 OBP / .254 SLG / .476 OPS)



Sacto – Jose Martinez (8 HR / .276 AVG / .345 OBP / .372 SLG / .717 OPS)

Midland – Conner Crumbliss (10 HR / .251 AVG / .358 OBP / .394 SLG / .752 OPS)

Stockton – Chad Pinder (13 HR / .288 AVG / .336 OBP / .489 SLG / .824 OPS)

Beloit – Chih Fang Pan (1 HR / .254 AVG / .311 OBP / .331 SLG / .642 OPS)

Vermont – Trent Gilbert (0 HR / .242 AVG / .300 OBP / .317 SLG / .618 OPS) *

AZL A’s – Jesus Lopez (0 HR / .221 AVG / .316 OBP / .272 SLG / .588 OPS)



Sacto – Andy Parrino (7 HR / .286 AVG / .363 OBP / .404 SLG / .767 OPS)

Midland – Dusty Coleman (18 HR / .223 AVG / .300 OBP / .397 SLG / .697 OPS)

Stockton – Daniel Robertson (15 HR / .310 AVG / .402 OBP / .471 SLG / .873 OPS)

Beloit – Melvin Mercedes (2 HR / .222 AVG / .303 OBP / .316 SLG / .618 OPS)

Vermont – Yairo Munoz (5 HR / .298 AVG / .319 OBP / .448 SLG / .768 OPS)

AZL A’s – Trace Loehr (0 HR / .244 AVG / .313 OBP / .288 SLG / .600 OPS)



Sacto – Alden Carrithers (2 HR / .284 AVG / .381 OBP / .349 SLG / .729 OPS)

Midland – Jefry Marte (10 HR / .259 AVG / .333 OBP / .375 SLG / .709 OPS)

Stockton – Renato Nunez (29 HR / .279 AVG / .336 OBP / .517 SLG / .853 OPS)

Beloit – Luis Baez (7 HR / .237 AVG / .260 OBP / .344 SLG / .603 OPS)

Vermont – Jose Brizuela (6 HR / .254 AVG / .320 OBP / .413 SLG / .733 OPS) *

AZL A’s – Jean Carlo Rodriguez (0 HR / .184 AVG / .296 OBP / .224 SLG / .520 OPS)



Sacto – Nick Buss (4 HR / .307 AVG / .371 OBP / .380 SLG / .751 OPS)

Midland – Chad Oberacker (2 HR / .221 AVG / .280 OBP / .315 SLG / .595 OPS) *

Stockton – Aaron Shipman (1 HR / .292 AVG / .414 OBP / .410 SLG / .824 OPS)

Beloit – B.J. Boyd (6 HR / .226 AVG / .300 OBP / .319 SLG / .619 OPS)

Vermont – Ben McQuown (2 HR / .239 AVG / .313 OBP / .319 SLG / .632 OPS)

AZL A’s – Robert Martinez (5 HR / .219 AVG / .339 OBP / .411 SLG / .749 OPS)



Sacto – Shane Peterson (11 HR / .308 AVG / .381 OBP / .460 SLG / .841 OPS)

Midland – Billy Burns (1 HR / .237 AVG / .315 OBP / .302 SLG / .618 OPS) *

Stockton – Bobby Crocker (11 HR / .271 AVG / .336 OBP / .421 SLG / .757 OPS)

Beloit – Boog Powell (3 HR / .343 AVG / .451 OBP / .435 SLG / .886 OPS) *

Vermont – Brett Vertigan (1 HR / .265 AVG / .309 OBP / .364 SLG / .673 OPS)

AZL A’s – Jonesy Zarraga (0 HR / .228 AVG / .283 OBP / .307 SLG / .590 OPS)



Sacto – Josh Whitaker (12 HR / .295 AVG / .342 OBP / .488 SLG / .830 OPS) *

Midland – Kent Matthes (16 HR / .232 AVG / .291 OBP / .424 SLG / .715 OPS) *

Stockton – Jaycob Brugman (21 HR / .280 AVG / .354 OBP / .506 SLG / .860 OPS) *

Beloit – Tyler Marincov (18 HR / .268 AVG / .347 OBP / .486 SLG / .833 OPS) *

Vermont – Scott Masik (1 HR / .218 AVG / .321 OBP / .276 SLG / .598 OPS)

AZL A’s – Vicmal De La Cruz (0 HR / .210 AVG / .306 OBP / .299 SLG / .605 OPS)



Sacto – Daric Barton (9 HR / .261 AVG / .371 OBP / .411 SLG / .781 OPS)

Midland – Hiroyuki Nakajima (6 HR / .247 AVG / .321 OBP / .342 SLG / .664 OPS) *

Stockton – Ryon Healy (16 HR / .285 AVG / .318 OBP / .428 SLG / .746 OPS)

Beloit – Ryan Mathews (12 HR / .269 AVG / .317 OBP / .454 SLG / .771 OPS)

Vermont – Max Kuhn (5 HR / .275 AVG / .345 OBP / .426 SLG / .772 OPS) *

AZL A’s – Edwin Diaz (1 HR / .241 AVG / .343 OBP / .359 SLG / .702 OPS)



Sacto – Zach Neal (166 IP / 170 H / 57 ER / 20 BB / 124 K / 3.09 ERA / 1.14 WHIP) *

Midland – Chris Jensen (160 1/3 IP / 147 H / 56 ER / 62 BB / 94 K / 3.14 ERA / 1.30 WHIP)

Stockton – Seth Streich (114 IP / 110 H / 40 ER / 22 BB / 116 K / 3.16 ERA / 1.16 WHIP)

Beloit – Kyle Finnegan (125 IP / 109 H / 56 ER / 53 BB / 61 K / 4.03 ERA / 1.30 WHIP) *

Vermont – A.J. Burke (71 2/3 IP / 76 H / 31 ER / 13 BB / 57 K / 3.89 ERA / 1.24 WHIP)

AZL A’s – Carlos Navas (71 IP / 75 H / 26 ER / 20 BB / 61 K / 3.30 ERA / 1.34 WHIP)



Sacto – Jeremy McBryde (65 IP / 40 H / 16 ER / 26 BB / 66 K / 2.22 ERA / 1.02 WHIP / 17 SV)

Midland – Seth Frankoff (64 1/3 IP / 59 H / 24 ER / 21 BB / 69 K / 3.36 ERA / 1.24 WHIP / 16 SV) *

Stockton – Austin House (61 2/3 IP / 50 H / 21 ER / 23 BB / 82 K / 3.06 ERA / 1.18 WHIP / 19 SV) *

Beloit – Andres Avila (69 2/3 IP / 66 H / 22 ER / 17 BB / 64 K / 2.84 ERA / 1.19 WHIP / 8 SV) *

Vermont – Koby Gauna (24 2/3 IP / 19 H / 9 ER / 4 BB / 19 K / 3.28 ERA / 0.93 WHIP / 12 SV) *

AZL A’s – Jesus Rivas (21 IP / 28 H / 5 ER / 4 BB / 10 K / 2.14 ERA / 1.52 WHIP / 7 SV)


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Saturday, September 13th: RockHounds Score 9 Runs on Saturday to Even Up Texas League Series and Force Final Game on Sunday

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Midland RockHounds Designated Hitter D’Arby Myers (2 for 5 / Double / 3 RBIs)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Midland RockHounds Designated Hitter D’Arby Myers (2 for 5 / Double / 3 RBIs)



Texas League Championship Series – Game #4

Tulsa Drillers                  4

Midland RockHounds  9

WP – Hooker 1-0 / 5.40

Down 2 games to 1 and facing elimination in the best-of-five Texas League Championship Series on Saturday, the RockHounds brought out the bats and put 9 runs on the board to help them even things up and send the series to a decisive Game #5 at Midland on Sunday. The Hounds also got a strong outing from starter Deryk Hooker, who shut out Tulsa for 5 innings before allowing 2 runs in the 6th and exiting with two men on who would eventually come around to score. Hooker picked up the win, while RHP Murphy Smith struck out 5 in 3 scoreless innings of relief, and RHP Ryan Dull got the final three outs in the 9th. At the plate, five Hounds hitters had multi-hit games on Saturday. Designated hitter D’Arby Myers singled, doubled and drove in 3, while first baseman Max Muncy collected 4 hits and drove in a run, and third baseman Matt Chapman singled, doubled, walked and scored twice. Second baseman Daniel Robertson had 2 hits and 2 walks and drove in a run, and center fielder Kenny Wilson singled, doubled, stole a base, scored twice and drove in a pair for the RockHounds. The deciding game of the series is set to take place on Sunday with Nate Long taking the mound for Midland.


Sunday’s Game:

Tulsa @ Midland – 2:00pm PT / 4:00pm CT



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A’s Final 2014 Minor League Hitting & Pitching Leaders

Included: Sacramento River Cats (AAA), Midland RockHounds (AA), Stockton Ports (A), Beloit Snappers (A), Vermont Lake Monsters (A), AZL A’s (Rk)



dr621002170 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

167 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

160 Ryon Healy 3B-1B (Sto)

142 Renato Nunez 3B (Sto)

138 Nick Buss OF (Sac)



sp45108940 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

37 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

34 Tyler Marincov OF (Bel-Sto)

32 Chad Pinder 2B (Sto)

31 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)



Mercedes7 Melvin Mercedes SS-2B (Bel)

6 Aaron Shipman OF (Sto)

6 Bobby Crocker OF (Sto)

6 Jaycob Brugman OF (Bel-Sto)

6 Tyler Marincov OF (Bel-Sto)



mo62156637 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

29 Renato Nunez 3B (Sto)

21 Jaycob Brugman OF (Bel-Sto)

18 Tyler Marincov OF (Bel-Sto)

18 Dusty Coleman SS (Mid)



mo621566278 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

263 Renato Nunez 3B (Sto)

258 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

250 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

240 Ryon Healy 3B-1B (Sto)



mo62156697 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

96 Renato Nunez 3B (Sto)

90 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

83 Ryon Healy 3B-1B (Sto)

81 Dusty Coleman SS (Mid)



mo621566111 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

110 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

101 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

79 Nick Buss OF (Sac)

79 Dusty Coleman SS (Mid)



mo621566117 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

87 Max Muncy 1B-3B (Mid)

72 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

69 Conner Crumbliss 2B-OF (Mid)

66 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)



dc543038202 Dusty Coleman SS (Mid)

149 Bobby Crocker OF (Sto)

140 Anthony Aliotti 1B-OF (Sac-Mid)

139 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

137 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)



bb54299354 Billy Burns OF (Mid-Sac)

31 Bobby Crocker OF (Sto)

18 Tyler Marincov OF (Bel-Sto)

16 Justin Higley OF (Bel-Ver), Boog Powell OF (Bel-Sto), Dusty Coleman SS (Mid)



lb54218226 Luis Baez 3B-SS (Bel)

22 Dusty Coleman SS (Mid)

21 Melvin Mercedes SS-2B (Bel)

21 Jefry Marte 3B (Mid)

20 Yairo Munoz SS (Ver)


–BATTING AVERAGE– (minimum 300 at-bats)

Powell.343 Boog Powell OF (Bel-Sto)

.310 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

.308 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

.307 Nick Buss OF (Sac)

.288 Chad Pinder 2B (Sto), Nate Freiman 1B (Sac-Bel)


–ON-BASE PERCENTAGE– (minimum 300 at-bats)

Powell.451 Boog Powell OF (Bel-Sto)

.404 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

.402 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

.385 Max Muncy 1B-3B (Mid)

.381 Shane Peterson OF (Sac), Alden Carrithers 3B (Sac)


–SLUGGING PERCENTAGE– (minimum 300 at-bats)

mo621566.543 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

.520 Nate Freiman 1B (Sac-Bel)

.517 Renato Nunez 3B (Sto)

.506 Jaycob Brugman OF (Bel-Sto)

.489 Chad Pinder 2B (Sto)


–ON-BASE + SLUGGING– (minimum 300 at-bats)

mo621566.947 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

.893 Nate Freiman 1B (Sac-Bel)

.886 Boog Powell OF (Bel-Sto)

.873 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

.860 Jaycob Brugman OF (Bel-Sto)


Click here for A’s minor league pitching leaders…

Wednesday, September 10th: Max Muncy & Daniel Robertson Homer as Hounds Drop Game #2 of Texas League Championship Series

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Midland RockHounds First Baseman Max Muncy (Home Run)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Midland RockHounds First Baseman Max Muncy (Home Run)



Texas League Championship Series – Game #2

Midland RockHounds  2

Tulsa Drillers                  5

LP – Jensen 0-1 / 11.25

HR – Muncy (1), Robertson (1)

Tulsa managed to put 5 runs on the board over the first 4 innings against Midland, which would be all the Drillers would need to win Game #2 of the best-of-five Texas League Championship Series on Wednesday and even the series up at one game apiece. Starter Chris Jensen, who was solid all season for the RockHounds, had a shaky outing on Wednesday, allowing 5 runs on 7 hits over 4 innings of work to put the Hounds in a hole they could not climb out of. RHP Murphy Smith tossed 2 scoreless innings in relief, while RHP Ryan Dull pitched 1 2/3 perfect innings, and LHP Frank Gailey got the final out for Midland. With the RockHounds down by a run, first baseman Max Muncy homered in the top of the 2nd to tie things up. Muncy would also draw one of Midland’s only two walks later in the game. Daniel Robertson, starting at second base and batting leadoff, homered in the top of the 3rd to bring the Hounds within 2 runs, but that would be all the scoring the RockHounds would do on Wednesday. Shortstop Dusty Coleman singled and doubled, while outfielder Kent Matthes and pinch hitter D’Arby Myers both singled in the loss. The series will resume on Friday in Midland with RHP Shawn Haviland set to take the mound for the Hounds.



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Friday, September 5th: Top Draft Pick Matt Chapman’s Big HR Breaks Tie and Puts RockHounds up 2-1 in Texas League Playoff Series

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Midland RockHounds Third Baseman Matt Chapman (Home Run / Double / 2 RBIs)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Midland RockHounds Third Baseman Matt Chapman (Home Run / Double / 2 RBIs)



Texas League South Division Championship Series – Game #3

Frisco RoughRiders       2

Midland RockHounds  3

WP – Walden 1-0 / 0.00

HR – Chapman (1)

A couple of new arrivals played a big role for the RockHounds on Friday night by driving in all three of the team’s runs to help the Hounds earn the victory and go up 2-1 in their best-of-five playoff series with Frisco. With infielders Jefry Marte and Hiro Nakajima recently landing on the disabled list, two 1st-round draft picks, infielders Matt Chapman and Daniel Robertson, have joined Midland’s playoff squad. And on Friday night, Chapman doubled in the RockHounds’ second run of the game and, with the contest tied 2-2, homered in the bottom of the 7th to bring home the winning run for the Hounds. Shortstop Daniel Robertson, who played his last game for the Ports on Thursday, started at second base for Midland on Friday and went 1 for 4, singling in the RockHounds’ first run of the game. Right fielder Jeremy Barfield had 3 hits, including a double, for the Hounds. Starter Chris Jensen turned in another solid effort, allowing 2 runs, just 1 earned, while striking out 5 over 6 1/3 innings of work. RHP Marcus Walden struck out 4 in 1 2/3 scoreless innings of relief to earn the win, while RHP Jose Flores got the final three outs to pick up the save. RHP Shawn Haviland is scheduled to take the mound for Midland on Saturday as the team tries to wrap up the series.


Saturday’s Game:

Frisco @ Midland – 5:00pm PT / 7:00pm CT



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The Stockton Ports: A Team That Plays Together – And Stays Together

drobertson-Oak3This year’s Stockton Ports are a pretty special team. Not only is the roster loaded with many of the A’s best young prospects, but the team finished the regular season with the best record in the California League at 85-55 and will begin play in a best-of-three California League playoff series starting Wednesday in Visalia.

In July, A’s Farm spoke with a number of the Ports’ top players about how their seasons have been going on the field – which you can see here – so this time around, we thought we’d take a look at how things have been going off the field. In particular, we spoke with four Ports players who’ve been living together all season – shortstop Daniel Robertson, first baseman Matt Olson, second baseman Chad Pinder and pitcher Austin House. Outfielder Billy McKinney began the season with them but, with his trade to Chicago, has since been replaced by pitcher Dylan Covey.

All four of the house regulars have had solid seasons for Stockton. Robertson finished the year as the California League hits leader, while Olson won the league’s home run title. Despite missing about a month’s worth of time due to injuries, Pinder was still second on the team in doubles and batting average, and House tied for the second most saves in the league.

While most people know the kind of money that major league ballplayers make, most fans don’t really appreciate what life is like in the minor leagues and would probably be a bit surprised to find five of the A’s top prospects all spending the season together in one two-bedroom apartment. But that’s the way it often works below the major league level, where cramped quarters and long bus rides are a way of life. But when you’re busy chasing the dream, it’s all a part of the adventure – and can also help to foster the kind of camaraderie that’s needed to succeed in a game that truly is a team sport.

We talked to Robertson, Olson, Pinder and House last week, just a day after they’d clinched the California League Northern Division second-half title and with less than a week left in the regular season…


(DR=Daniel Roberston, MO=Matt Olson, CP=Chad Pinder, AH=Austin House, AF=A’s Farm)


AF:  So we’ve got the four of you roommates together here the final week of the regular season. You’ve been living together all season long, and I know Billy McKinney was living with you before he was traded, but has anyone else taken his place since the trade?

ALL:  Dylan Covey.

AF:  So then Dylan took over Billy’s spot when he got here from Beloit.

ALL:  Right.

AF:  Well how’s this living arrangement been working out so far this year?

DR:  Honestly, I get so sick of these guys sometimes. No, I’m just kidding. It’s worked out great. We drove up here after spring training and found an apartment. We’ve got two to a room. [Austin] House lives in the living room.

AF:  So you’ve got your own room?

AH:  Yeah, I have my own room!

DR:  The only thing he’s missing is a door. But it’s worked out great. We’re there to sleep most of the time. If you get more people in, it kind of helps out with the money situation – it just makes it a little cheaper. And these guys are awesome to live with. So I’ve had a blast all year.

AF:  So who’s rooming with who?

DR:  Me and Olson, Pinder and Covey.

Daniel Robertson

Daniel Robertson

AH:  And then they all hang out in my room.

AF:  And you and Olson were roommates in spring training too, right?

DR:  Yeah.

AF:  So what’s your average daily schedule look like?

MO:  I’m always up first…no later than 10:00 most days.

DR:  He [Pinder] is the last.

AF:  So when are you usually getting up?

CP:  11:30.

AH:  And I wake up whenever they come out in my room.

AF:  So when do you normally leave for the park?

DR:  I’m normally driving every day. So whenever the crew is ready, we’ll take off. We normally get here around 1:00-1:30 after we go grab some food, either Subway or The Habit.

AF:  What’s The Habit?

AH:  It’s like a burger joint.

DR:  And they’ve got awesome salads and quality food. We basically have the same routine every single day. We’ve done it for five months straight, eating the same food every day. Then we show up here around 1:00-1:30 and start getting on it. And then afterwards, we’re fortunate enough to eat here. And then we just head home and hang out for an hour or two and call it a night.

AF:  So when do you guys usually crash at night?

ALL: 12:30 or 1:00.

AF:  So not too many late-night video game sessions then?

AH:  We do movie night every once in a while.

DR:  He [Pinder] will pick out a great movie. He’s really into those scary movies. He picks out great movies.

AF:  So what was the best movie of the year?

Chad Pinder

Chad Pinder

CP:  What did you think the best one I picked was?

DR:  Maybe The Devil Inside. That one was awesome.

ALL:  Yeah!

MO:  Great ending!

AF:  Well that’s sounds pretty unanimous! So who’s the most responsible member of the household?

AH:  Probably Danny.

ALL:  Yeah.

AF:  So he’s the adult?

DR:  I’m a clean freak. My area and the kitchen always have to be clean or it bugs me. I’m not going to lie.

AF:  So you’re the OCD one?

DR:  I’m the OCD one, I’ll admit it. There’s got to be that guy in the house who keeps everything neat because if there’s not then it just turns into a pig sty.

AF:  Who’s the messiest person in the house?

AH:  I’m going to go ahead and nominate you [Pinder]…He just leaves food, shoes or there’s always a pair of shorts or something…

MO:  I’m not too far behind him though.

AF:  Who’s the craziest or most random person where you never know what to expect from them?

ALL:  Billy [McKinney]!

DR:  When he was with us, you never knew his next move…I think, living there now, it’s probably House.

AH:  I usually ride pretty solo…I usually go by myself. I’m a pitcher.

AF:  Not only are you a pitcher, you’re a closer! So you’re really on your own wavelength.

AH:  Yeah, I usually kind of do my own thing.

AF:  So if you all end up in Midland next year by any chance, would you consider reconstituting this arrangement?

DR:  No, probably not. I’ve lived with Olson for three years now. It’s kind of getting old.

AH:  I might go back to hanging out with pitchers.

DR:  No, I’m just kidding. I would live with these guys for sure.

ALL:  Yeah.

AH:  Honestly, we get along pretty well. We have fun together and enjoy hanging out with each other.

AF:  So there could be chapter two in Midland?

Austin House

Austin House

AH:  There probably is going to be chapter two…but we’ve got to get to Midland first!

AF:  Of course. Now you’re just wrapping up your season here and you’re going to the playoffs. Looking back, you’ve accomplished a lot as a team this year, but what do you take out of your time here this season?

AH:  We kind of expected to be a winning team. We’ve got a lot of good players. Not saying that we expected to get to the playoffs or anything, but we expected to win.

DR:  I think last year we had a winning tradition in Beloit, and it’s most of the same guys here, with a couple of major additions like Chad Pinder and some of the other guys. We had the same coaching staff and most of the same crew here, and we won last year and we expected to carry it on again this year.

AH:  I think we kind of had a chip on our shoulder too because I think we could have won the Midwest League. And coming into this league, we had the same kind of squad, so we want to win it.

AF:  So you feel like you’ve got a little something to prove this year.

AH:  Exactly.

AF:  So I guess you’re looking forward to getting into the postseason and trying to go all the way then.

DR:  Yeah, I feel like if you get there, you want to make the most out of it and win it all, and not get bounced in the first round or something.

AF:  Now it looks like three of you [Robertson, Olson, House] are going to be together out in the Arizona Fall League this year.

AH:  He [Pinder] is responsible. He’s going to school.

AF:  Where are you going to school?

CP:  Virginia Tech.

AF:  So back home – what’s your major?

CP:  Communication studies – so not really a major. [Laughter]

AF:  How much do you have left to do?

CP:  35 credits, so I’m going to do 15 this fall and then knock out the rest periodically.

AF:  So are the rest of you looking forward to going to the AFL?

DR:  Yes, definitely. It’s an honor for sure. I think it’ll be fun. It’s just the next step of the process.

Matt Olson

Matt Olson

MO:  Seeing the competition, we probably haven’t faced half of those teams just because they’re on the east coast, so it’ll be good to see what all’s out there. And like he said, it’s an honor to be included.

AF:  Yeah, you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of talent out there you haven’t seen before. And you’ll also be seeing your old friend Addison Russell since he’ll actually be on the same team with you guys. I guess you must be looking forward to that.

DR:  Of course.

AF:  You’ve still got your place out in Arizona, right?

DR:  Yeah, it’s up to him if he wants to stay with us again or not.

AF:  Individually, you’ve each had really strong seasons this year. Starting with you Chad, you got off to a great start. You’ve had a few injuries, but you’ve still been out there most of the year and have had a really solid season while learning a new position at second base. What do you feel you’ve been able to accomplish this year?

CP:  I think the big thing was defense at second base. When I was first over there, I was like a fish out of water. I was really uncomfortable and making a lot of errors. And then I worked hard and it started to get better throughout the season. So I feel like that’s the main thing that I’ve gotten out of this year.

AF:  Austin, you’ve really been coming on strong in the second half, and your strikeout numbers have really been on the rise. Is there anything that’s been clicking here for you later in the season?

AH:  Just trying to be consistent every outing. I think in the first half, I was throwing well. Some of the results just weren’t where I wanted them to be, but that’s a part of the game.

AF:  Well, eventually it all evens out!

AH:  Yeah, it’s a full season.

AF:  Matt, you’ve had a great season, but you’ve really had an exceptional second half, hitting lots of home runs and walking a lot. Is there anything in particular you’ve learned or adapted to over the course of the season?

MO:  Yeah, I think just the experience of getting more at-bats under your belt, and just sticking to a plan up there. And obviously as the season goes on, you get more at-bats and you become more comfortable up there. I wouldn’t say there’s been any specific adjustments.

AF:  And what about you, Daniel? It’s late in the season, you’ve been out there grinding every day, and still you’re hitting as well as you have all season right now, so something must be clicking for you.

DR:  I just think it’s preparation and staying with the routine, getting the work in and just trying to stay within myself at the plate and trying to control the zone. Getting down to later in the season, you’ve got to stay mentally strong, and how you prepare is what will help you finish strong. Like Olson said, there’s no major adjustment that I’ve made. It’s just staying with the routine, and the more at-bats you get, the better you’re going to get. And it’s been a fun year.

AF:  As you look back on the season, were there any particularly memorable moments or highlights that stand out in your mind?

DR:  Last night, clinching the second half, especially beating a team that won the first half and dominated us in the first half. So to do it against them was pretty fun. You get into the playoffs and it’s a fresh start and anything can happen…One thing that sticks out in my mind, we didn’t win this game, but we were down 11-3 against San Jose a couple of weeks ago and scored seven runs in the bottom of the ninth, and that was probably one of the most exciting games I’ve been a part of in a while. We didn’t come out on top in that game, but we sure felt like we won with the display we put on in the bottom on the ninth – and those are games you like to play.

AF:  So did that help infuse you with a little extra confidence coming down the stretch, like you could come back in any situation?

AH:  Yeah, we’ve done it like five or six times.

MO:  We did at Visalia two weeks ago!

DR:  The other day in Rancho Cucamonga, we were down 2-0 in the top of the ninth and we put a couple of runs together and Ryan Gorton comes up with a big hit and the next thing you know we’re on top 3-2.

MO:  And Josh Reddick hitting that game-tying bomb for us!

AH:  It happens all the time! In the eighth inning, we’ll be down by four or something, and I know somehow we’ll pull it off. Who knows how? But we always do! We just battle until the very end.

AF:  So how did you guys celebrate when you clinched your playoff berth?

AH:  Just hung out with the teammates and enjoyed their company. That’s what’s good about our team. We have a real good clubhouse. It makes it easy to come to work when you enjoy your teammates, so we always have fun.

AF:  Well, I guess for you, it’s just like being at home!

ALL:  Yeah!


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Tuesday, August 26th: Matt Buschmann Notches 3-Hit Shutout Victory for Sacramento while Stockton Wins to Clinch Second Half Division Title

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Sacramento River Cats Pitcher Matt Buschmann (9 IP / 3 H / 0 ER / 0 BB / 10 K / Win)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Sacramento River Cats Pitcher Matt Buschmann (9 IP / 3 H / 0 ER / 0 BB / 10 K / Win)



Sacramento River Cats  2

Nashville Sounds                0

WP – Buschmann 9-6 / 4.24

Farmhand Of The Game:

Pitcher Matt Buschmann

(9 IP / 3 H / 0 ER / 0 BB / 10 K / Win)

Sacramento starter Matt Buschmann tossed a 3-hit shutout to earn his 9th win for the River Cats on Tuesday. The 30-year-old right-hander walked none and struck out 10 en route to his first career complete-game shutout. Shortstop Tyler Ladendorf singled in the River Cats’ only 2 runs of the night, while catcher Ryan Ortiz and outfielder Billy Burns both singled and scored for Sacramento. With a slim 1-game lead over the Reno Aces in the PCL’s Pacific Northern Division, the River Cats will face off against Nashville again on Wednesday before returning home to Raley Field to host a season-ending 5-game series against rival Reno, which will determine the division winner.

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A’s Minor League Leaders – August 2014 Update

With just a couple of weeks left in the minor league season, we thought we’d take a quick look at the A’s minor league leaders in a few key hitting and pitching categories. A minimum of 200 at-bats is required for the hitting categories and a minimum of 100 innings is required for the pitching categories, with the exception of saves, of course. Included are current players from Sacramento, Midland, Stockton, Beloit, Vermont and the Arizona League A’s, but not from the Dominican Summer League A’s, and the stats below are complete through Sunday. Some of the names you might expect to see atop the lists, while others may come as a bit of a surprise!



J.P. Sportman


1) J.P. Sportman .346

2) Herschel Powell .344

3) Shane Peterson .316

It’s interesting to note that the A’s 27th-round draft pick this year out of Central Connecticut State, J.P. Sportman, currently boasts the best batting average among all A’s minor leaguers. And the 22-year-old center fielder has been hitting even better for Vermont than he was for Arizona, batting .367 for the Lake Monsters. #2 on the list is Stockton outfielder Herschel “Boog” Powell, who’s currently serving a 50-game suspension after testing positive for amphetamines. Meanwhile, Sacramento outfielder Shane Peterson has been the River Cats most consistent hitter all season, and he also leads all A’s minor leaguers in doubles with 35.



Herschel Powell


1) Herschel Powell .453

2) J.P. Sportman .402

3 tie) Matt Olson .401

3 tie) Daniel Robertson .401

Stockton center fielder Herschel Powell did an incredible job of getting on base in April, May, June and the first week of July before being served with a 50-game suspension after testing positive for amphetamines. Powell did most of his damage while leading off for Beloit but continued getting on base at a similar rate in almost two weeks at Stockton before receiving his suspension. Powell should be eligible to rejoin Stockton for the last few games of the season as well as for the California League playoffs. Vermont outfielder J.P. Sportman boasts the second-best on-base percentage despite drawing just 19 walks. Stockton first baseman Matt Olson’s is tied for the third-best OBP despite batting just .254 thanks to the fact that he leads all A’s minor leaguers in walks with 108. Meanwhile, Stockton shortstop Daniel Robertson’s .308 batting average has helped to keep him on base all season for the Ports.



Renato Nunez


1) Renato Nunez .552

2) Matt Olson .543

3) Jaycob Brugman .519

When it comes to slugging, you need not look any further than Stockton. Ports third baseman Renato Nunez currently sports the best slugging percentage among all A’s minor leaguers. Nunez’s 59 extra-base hits in 111 games mean that he’s been averaging more than 1 extra-base hit in every 2 games for the Ports. The 20-year-old Venezuelan also leads all A’s’ minor leaguers in RBIs with 91. Matt Olson’s 35 home runs also help to put him high on the slugging list. Meanwhile, Stockton outfielder Jaycob Brugman might be the most surprising addition to the top sluggers’ list, but the 22-year-old has now hit 9 home runs in his last 10 games for the Ports.



Matt Olson


1) Matt Olson 35

2) Renato Nunez 29

3) Jaycob Brugman 19

Not only are Matt Olson and Renato Nunez #1 and #2 in home runs in the A’s minor league system, but they’re also #1 and #2 in the California League home run race. The California League may have the reputation of being a hitters’ league, but these two Ports infielders have been the most prolific home run hitters in the league so far this season. Stockton outfielder Jaycob Brugman has recently climbed his way up the home run list by hitting 9 homers in his last 10 games for the Ports. Brugman has definitely warmed up to the California League. After hitting 8 home runs in 70 games for Beloit, Brugman’s hit 11 home runs in just 37 games for Stockton.



Daniel Robertson


1) Daniel Robertson 155

2) Shane Peterson 154

3) Ryon Healy 142

Stockton shortstop Daniel Robertson has been playing every day and batting leadoff much of the time, giving him the opportunity to rack up a whopping 155 hits in 121 games while posting a .308 batting average for the Ports. Sacramento outfielder Shane Peterson has been healthy all season and playing every day for the River Cats, so he’s collected 154 hits while while batting .316. #3 on the hits list may be a bit of a surprise. First baseman/third baseman Ryon Healy started off the season in a terrible slump for Stockton but hung in there and has now cranked out 142 hits while playing every day and putting up a .281 batting average for the Ports.



Nate Long


1) Nate Long 3.12

2) Seth Streich 3.16

3) Chris Lamb 3.21

RockHounds starter Nate Long started out the season as a middle reliever for Midland until injuries to Raul Alcantara and Tanner Peters forced him into the RockHounds’ rotation, where he’s blossomed. The 28-year-old currently boasts the best ERA among all A’s minor league starters and is second in the system in both wins and strikeouts. Meanwhile, Stockton’s Seth Streich has been the most impressive starting pitcher in the A’s minor league system this season, ranking among the ERA, WHIP and strikeout leaders, but a shoulder injury has sidelined him for the past three weeks. Stockton starter Chris Lamb may be the most surprising entry on the list. The 24-year-old posted a 4.53 ERA last season for Beloit, but he started out well this season for the Snappers and has flourished since his promotion to the hitter-friendly California League – go figure!



Seth Streich


1) Seth Streich 1.16

2) Zach Neal 1.16

3) Kyle Finnegan 1.24

Before being sidelined with a shoulder injury, Stockton starter Seth Streich had been demonstrating great command, which really helped him do a terrific job of keeping men off base this season. The 23-year-old walked just 22 batters in 114 innings. He also managed to surrender just 7 home runs in the homer-happy California League. River Cats starter Zach Neal, who’s done stints with Sacramento, Midland and Stockton this season, is right behind Streich on the WHIP list and has walked a miniscule 19 batters in 145 1/3 innings this season. Meanwhile, Beloit starter Kyle Finnegan has done a great job of keeping runners off base by allowing just 88 hits over 108 2/3 innings of work for the Snappers.



Matt Buschmann


1) Matt Buschmann 119

2) Nate Long 117

3) Seth Streich 116

Stockton starter Seth Streich far out-paced all other A’s minor league pitchers in strikeouts for most of the season, until he was sidelined by a shoulder injury. With Streich out of action, Sacramento starter Matt Buschmann, who was signed as a minor league free agent in the offseason, has moved to the top of the list by striking out 119 batters in just 121 2/3 innings. Midland starter Nate Long is second on the strikeout list with 117 in 138 1/3 innings of work. Meanwhile, River Cats starter Arnold Leon should soon pass Streich for third on the list as he currently stands at 112 strikeouts for Sacramento.



Chris Jensen


1) Chris Jensen 12

2) Nate Long 11

3) Arnold Leon 10

Midland starter Chris Jensen, acquired from Colorado in the Brett Anderson trade, currently leads all A’s minor leaguers in wins with 12. Jensen also sports a 3.32 ERA and has given up just 3 home runs in 146 1/3 innings of work this season. Fellow Midland starter Nate Long is second on the wins list with 11, while Sacramento starter Arnold Leon is third with 10. Leon also boasts strong strikeout numbers, but he’s allowed 155 hits in just 128 innings of work, leading to a 5.27 ERA for the season.



Austin House


1) Austin House 17

2) Seth Frankoff 16

3) Evan Scribner 15

Stockton closer Austin House leads all A’s minor leaguers in saves with 17. House has also struck out 70 batters in just 48 1/3 innings of work so far this season. Sacramento reliever Seth Frankoff is second on the saves list, with all but one of his 16 saves coming during his time with Midland. The 25-year-old Frankoff has struck out 63 in 58 innings of relief for both Midland and Sacramento this season. #3 on the saves list is a familiar name to A’s fans, the River Cats’ Evan Scribner. When not with the A’s, Scribner’s been sharing Sacramento’s closing duties with Jeremy McBryde, who’s right behind him on the saves list with 14. Scribner’s been showing great command this season, walking just 9 while striking out 68 over 44 innings of work for Sacramento.


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Sunday, August 10th: Jaycob Brugman Hits Pair of Homers in Ports Victory while Sacramento Wins Slugfest in Reno

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Stockton Ports Outfielder Jaycob Brugman (2 Home Runs)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Stockton Ports Outfielder Jaycob Brugman (2 Home Runs)



Modesto Nuts       2

Stockton Ports  6

WP – Alderson 3-0 / 2.76

HR – Nunez (29), Brugman 2 (7), Taylor (4)

Farmhand Of The Game:

Outfielder Jaycob Brugman

(2 Home Runs)

The Ports once again upheld their reputation for hitting home runs by slugging 4 round-trippers on Sunday night. Outfielder Jaycob Brugman belted 2 home runs to give him a total of 5 over Stockton’s last 5 games. Catcher Beau Taylor homered for the third straight night, while third baseman Renato Nunez hit his 29th home run in the 3rd inning to give Stockton the lead, and shortstop Daniel Robertson singled, doubled and walked to extend his hitting streak to 16 games and raise his batting average to .307. RHP Tim Alderson turned in his fourth straight quality start for Stockton, allowing just 2 runs while striking out 6 over 7 innings of work to earn his 3rd win for the Ports.

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Saturday, August 9th: Jake Sanchez Strikes Out 12 and Daniel Robertson Goes 5 for 5 in Ports Win while Sacramento Shuts Out Reno

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Stockton Ports Pitcher Jake Sanchez (7 IP / 3 H / 1 ER / 1 BB / 12 K)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Stockton Ports Pitcher Jake Sanchez (7 IP / 3 H / 1 ER / 1 BB / 12 K)



Modesto Nuts        1

Stockton Ports  13

WP – Sanchez 8-1 / 3.05

HR – Brugman (5), Taylor (3)

Farmhand Of The Game:

Pitcher Jake Sanchez

(7 IP / 3 H / 1 ER / 1 BB / 12 K)

On a night when the Ports put 13 runs on the board, it was pitcher Jake Sanchez who was the star of the night in Stockton. Sanchez allowed just 1 run on 3 hits while striking out a career-high 12 in 7 innings of work to earn his 8th win. With Stockton’s top starter, Seth Streich, on the disabled list with shoulder issues, Sanchez has emerged as the Ports’s best pitcher, putting together 8 wins in 10 starts and posting an impressive 3.05 ERA while striking out 63 in 62 innings. Meanwhile on Saturday, shortstop Daniel Robertson went 5 for 5 with a double and a walk and scored 4 times, while catcher Beau Taylor had 4 hits, drove in 4 runs and homered for the second straight night, outfielder Jaycob Brugman homered for the third time in the last four days, and first baseman Matt Olson and designated hitter Ryon Healy drove in 3 runs apiece for the Ports.

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