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Meet Your 2016 Nashville Sounds!


Of course, we’ve still got just a little ways to go until the opening of the 2016 season. And, of course, there will certainly be some trades, some free agent signings (both major league and minor league), some releases, some injuries and, knowing the A’s, some totally unexpected developments during the offseason as well as in spring training.

Considering the way the 2015 season has played out for the A’s, there could certainly be some considerable changes to come. But, just for fun, let’s take a look at the players currently in the A’s organization who will most likely find themselves in the running for a roster spot in Nashville next season…



Carson Blair

Carson Blair

Stephen Vogt and Josh Phegley appear likely to return as the catching corps for the A’s in 2016. And with Carson Blair the only other catcher currently on the A’s 40-man roster, it seems reasonably safe to assume that he could be making a return trip to Nashville next season. The Sounds primary receiver this season, Bryan Anderson, can become a minor league free agent in the offseason if he’s not added to the A’s 40-man roster. And the A’s could replace him by signing another experienced minor league backstop, as they seem fond of doing. But if they don’t, then Midland’s Bruce Maxwell would probably be the most likely suspect to join Blair as part of the catching combo at Nashville next season.



Rangel Ravelo

Rangel Ravelo

It’s questionable whether the A’s will choose to offer Ike Davis arbitration in the offseason. And if they don’t, that makes it much more likely that Max Muncy will find a spot somewhere on Oakland’s roster next season. The left-handed hitter could serve as a great option to get some playing time at first base, third base and designated hitter, especially if right-handed hitters Brett Lawrie, Danny Valencia, Mark Canha and Billy Butler remain as the primary options at those positions. If he’s not added to the A’s 40-man roster, first baseman Nate Freiman can become a minor league free agent in the offseason. And Midland first baseman Matt Olson has been spending more time in right field than at first base during the second half of the season. So if Muncy finds a spot on the A’s opening day roster, Freiman departs for potentially greener pastures and Olson does indeed spend more time in the outfield – all of which seem likely – then Rangel Ravelo could find himself getting most of the starts at first base for Nashville next season. The situation at third base seems considerably less complicated. One of the organization’s top hitting prospects, Midland third baseman Renato Nunez, will be ready to make the jump to Triple-A next year, while his Midland teammate, Ryon Healy, who has been splitting time between third base and first base the past couple seasons, seems set to join Nashville as well, splitting time with Nunez at third and Ravelo at first in 2016.



Chad Pinder

Chad Pinder

One thing seems clear. After putting together an impressive season at Midland this year, it’s Chad Pinder’s turn to be the starting shortstop for Nashville next season. If he’s not added to the A’s 40-man roster, Andy Parrino can become a minor league free agent in the offseason, which will just help clear the path for Pinder. If Joey Wendle doesn’t win a starting job with the A’s in spring training, which seems less and less likely as Brett Lawrie spends more and more time at second base, then he’ll end up returning as Nashville’s starting second baseman again next season and serve as Pinder’s double-play partner. And if Tyler Ladendorf doesn’t land a roster spot as a utility man for the A’s, then he’ll also figure into the Sounds’ middle infield picture, along with Midland infielder Colin Walsh. If those two both end up on the Nashville roster, then expect to see them playing all over the diamond. While they’re both primarily suited to play second base, they’ve both got plenty of experience playing elsewhere. Ladendorf would most likely spend time at second base, shortstop and in the outfield, while Walsh would probably find time at second base, third base and in the outfield.



Matt Olson

Matt Olson

Craig Gentry and Jason Pridie were both staples of the Sounds outfield for most of 2015, but it’s quite possible that neither will be back in 2016. It would be surprising if the A’s chose to offer Gentry arbitration in the offseason, and it seems unlikely that Pridie would retain a 40-man roster spot throughout the offseason, though it is possible that he’ll manage to hang on. As mentioned earlier, top prospect Matt Olson has spent more time in right field than at first base during the second half of the season. And with Canha, Muncy and Ravelo all in the A’s first base picture and a lack of top-quality outfield prospects in the system, it seems likely that Olson will continue to see more time in the outfield at Nashville next season. Midland’s other primary outfielders – Chad Oberacker, Josh Whitaker and Jaycob Brugman – all seem ready to take the next step and could join Olson in the Sounds’ outfield picture next year. Jake Smolinski could land a spot with the A’s, sharing time with Coco Crisp in left field or giving Josh Reddick a break in right field against lefties. But if he doesn’t, possibly because the A’s acquire another outfielder, then he’ll be right in the middle of Nashville’s outfield mix next season as well.



Aaron Brooks

Aaron Brooks

A number of potential starting pitching candidates for the A’s will be out of options next season, including LHPs Sean Nolin, Felix Doubront and Drew Pomeranz as well as RHP Jesse Chavez – as noted by Jeremy F. Koo on Athletics Nation – so it’s unlikely you’ll be seeing any of them doing time at Nashville in 2016. In addition, RHPs Chris Bassitt and Kendall Graveman seem to have earned spots in the A’s major league rotation. So who does that leave as the likely starters in Nashville next season? Well, Aaron Brooks seems as likely as anyone to start the season in the Triple-A rotation. When it comes to current Sounds starters, unless they’re added to the A’s 40-man roster, Brad Mills and Nate Long will both become minor league free agents in the offseason. And if RHP Cody Martin remains on the A’s 40-man roster through all the offseason’s wheelings and dealings, then he’s likely to land a starting spot, as is reliable RHP Zach Neal. A.J. Griffin, who’s still working his way back from injury issues following last year’s Tommy John surgery, seems unlikely to be a leading candidate for the A’s starting rotation next spring and could end up starting the year as one of Nashville’s starting five. Jarrod Parker is also working his way back from injuries after his Tommy John surgery. It’s not clear whether or not he’ll return to a starting role but, if he does, then he could pose another potential Triple-A rotation option. And a few Midland starters could factor into the picture as well. RHP Jake Sanchez has already been called up to finish the season with the Sounds, while LHPs Sean Manaea and Dillon Overton are two of the team’s most promising pitching prospects who could be pushed up to Nashville in 2016.



Aaron Kurcz

Aaron Kurcz

Well, it should be noted that in recent years the A’s have tended to sign a big batch of minor league free agent relievers to stock their Triple-A bullpen. So if that ends up being the strategy again this offseason, then the Sounds bullpen is likely to be comprised of a bunch of guys we’ve yet to meet! But there certainly are plenty of arms currently in the organization who could fill the relief role in Nashville next season. First of all, if not added to the 40-man roster, then familiar names like Angel Castro, Brock Huntzinger, Jim Fuller, Taylor Thompson and Ryan Doolittle could all become minor league free agents in the offseason. When it comes to arms currently on the A’s 40-man roster, if he doesn’t find a spot in the A’s bullpen, then Ryan Dull will certainly be returning to the Sounds, as will Dan Otero, R.J. Alvarez and Pat Venditte. Aaron Kurcz also seems highly likely to be making a return appearance in 2016. Arnold Leon is out of options but, if the A’s can manage to sneak him through waivers, then he could find himself back in Nashville as well. Jarrod Parker could also be a candidate to start the season in the Sounds bullpen as he makes his way back from a serious arm injury incurred after his Tommy John surgery. And then there are a number of RockHounds relievers who’ve all earned the opportunity to see time at Triple-A, most notably Seth Frankoff and Tucker Healy (who’ve both had a taste of the PCL), Kris Hall (who’ll be showcasing in the Arizona Fall League starting next month) and Brendan McCurry (who’ll also be in the AFL and has been one of the most impressive relievers in the A’s system over the past two seasons). Add in the inevitable minor league free agent signees, and there shouldn’t be any shortage of available relief arms to stock the bullpen at First Tennessee Park in 2016.

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Exclusive: Get the Inside Scoop on Nashville’s Top Players from Sounds Skipper Steve Scarsone

ssB9315342755Z.1_20141202162702_000_G409A1E4E.1-0cAfter spending parts of seven seasons as a big league infielder, Steve Scarsone has now spent seven seasons managing in the A’s minor league system.

He’s currently midway through his third season managing at Triple-A, though this year the California native had to head east as the A’s Pacific Coast League affiliate switched from Sacramento to Nashville.

Scarsone is handling a veteran club this year in Nashville where the average age is close to 29 and there are very few young prospects on the roster. We took the opportunity to talk with the skipper in Nashville last weekend to get his take on some of the team’s top players…


AF:  I know you spent a lot of time watching Max Muncy in the big league camp this spring, and now he’s back here with you at Nashville. I don’t know if you had the chance to see much of him playing at the major league level.

SS:  Not as much as you’d hope. A lot of times we’re playing at the same time. And by the time our game’s over, if they’re still playing, it’s like…

mmMuncy, Max2AF:  The last thing you need at that point is more baseball…

SS:  Sometimes, to be honest! But we tried to follow him as best we could. I know he wasn’t getting the consistent play, but that’s what he was brought up to do was to be that guy to help out and fill in. And it sounds like he did a pretty good job of it. It’s not easy for a guy to go up for his first time and not be in the everyday lineup and have to try to figure out not only how to compete at that level but how to compete at that level with three or four days in between games. I think it was a great experience for him. I think he’s taken a lot of positives out of it. And now, being here and playing every day, I think he’s shown a huge improvement defensively at third base, which is still somewhat of a new position for him. And his swing plays very nicely in this game – it’s a short swing. He has considerable power, very good pitch recognition, and he’s not afraid to take a walk. He’ll wait for his pitch. Right now he’s kind of struggling, but that won’t last very long. He’ll be fine. I think he’s going to be something that we’ll try to hold on to in this organization and see if we can find a spot for him.

AF:  So is there anything in particular that he needs to do to get himself into a position to get back up there?

SS:  No. From reports that I’ve heard, his return here was not due to his lack of performance. He was just kind of the odd man out up there. To be honest, with his age and experience level, getting a good half-season in Triple-A would be to his advantage – seeing some advanced pitching day in and day out and getting a chance to learn from his teammates and see how to handle himself on and off the field. He’s still relatively young. This year’s his first year in Triple-A, and getting an opportunity to play in the big leagues for a spell was icing on the cake for him. But I think he’s got a good mental outlook on what he needs to continue to try to fight towards, and I think he’ll be fine.

AF:  Like Muncy, one of the other younger position players you’ve got on this team here is Joey Wendle. So what have you seen out of him this year and where do you feel he’s at in his development?

SS:  I think the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Joey is just his love for the game. He hustles on and off the field and plays as hard as he can. I think that’s a quality that sometimes kind of gets overlooked, because we get so caught up in defining tools and stuff like that. And it’s kind of that X factor that doesn’t really come up in a scouting report, but I think it’s very important to bring up for him because that’s a huge part of the kind of player he is – he’s kind of a throwback in a sense. But he’s given us great defensive play. I think he’s improved greatly in just his knowledge and experience and anticipation of what’s going to happen and how to be in the right spot at the right time. His work habits are obviously good. I really have enjoyed watching him progress. I think playing with some of these older guys has been a huge advantage for him. As coaches, we kind of find ourselves limited at times. There’s so much we can do. We can give them the work, we can give them the information, but the criticism and encouragement that comes from his teammates go leaps and bounds above what we can do as coaches. I think he’s benefited greatly from some of the older players that he’s playing with – just in terms of how to best prepare himself and how to play the game as a professional player. I think that’s going to help him along the way as he continues, and I’m sure he’ll make the next step too.

jwWendle, Joey3AF:  I talked to A’s infield coach Mike Gallego about him in spring training. He raved about his preparation and how much he had his head into every play and he was really impressed with his whole approach. Now you were an infielder too, so do you concur with that assessment?

SS:  Definitely. And what we’ve tried to do this year with him is to take that attention to what’s going on, his first step and his movements and everything, and try to smooth everything out so it’s a little bit more fluid through the play. Early on, he was getting himself into trouble kind of being a little bit too forceful to the ball instead of really reading the ball and getting the hop that’s going to be best for him. As a second baseman, you don’t have to be as aggressive as on the other side. So I’ve seen a great improvement on that in terms of taking the game in a little bit more and not trying to force yourself down the game’s throat.

AF:  So letting things come to him as opposed to maybe trying a little too hard and trying to force things all the time.

SS:  Exactly! And he’s taken to it very well – he’s got a very nice rhythm about him right now.

AF:  Now what about at the plate? Obviously, he could be a little more selective. But what have you seen in terms of the evolution of his approach at the plate over the course of the year, and what does he need to be thinking about doing up there right now?

SS:  I think that’s the key. The key for him is to get good pitches to hit, because he can handle just about any pitcher he sees. He has just as much success against left-handers as he does against right-handers. He’s shown some power. He’s able to hit the ball to all fields. I think, at times, he just gets a little too aggressive. So that’s been the process with him, to try to smooth out his offense just liked we’re trying to do on the defensive side. We have him hitting in the two hole, so there’s some more things that can happen up there. He’s willing to bunt and he tries to hit the hole when he has that opportunity. So there are a lot of good things that we’re seeing, and we know that the mentality is there. It’s just a matter of more and more reps. I think we’re going to see where it’s going to start to click for him more and more as this season finishes up. And I’d like to see how he comes back next season after having an offseason to just kind of rethink everything, because in the heat of the season, you just grind and grind and grind. Sometimes that offseason of reflection can be very useful. I really do look forward to seeing how he plays out.

AF:  So it sounds like you think he knows what he needs to do and he’s headed in the right direction and it’s just a matter of executing.

SS:  By all means, yes.

AF:  A guy who was a big hitter for you last year at Sacramento is Nate Freiman, but he’s really been struggling this year. So what’s been going on with him and what’s been holding him back?

nfNate+Freiman+Oakland+Athletics+Photo+Day+CFUGtYuCl4Ll2bSS:  Well, Nate showed up in spring and hurt his back. He was down all spring, and he was left in Arizona. He ended up joining us almost six weeks after the season started. And then, at that point, we were using him kind of sparingly to keep him from a relapse.So it took him seven or eight weeks into our season before he was kind of starting to play every day. He didn’t have a spring training. He found himself not getting off to a start, and he’s been kind of pressing, trying to contribute. He feels like he’s letting the team down. He’s a very selfless guy – he’s a great teammate. For him not to hit the ball and drive people in, it’s been very frustrating for him, and we’ve had several talks. Of course, he went through the situation where they took him off the 40-man roster, and he was stressed about that. We’ve all had to go through that at some point. It’s been a learning year for him. If you think about it, he went from Double-A to the big leagues. And then last year, he kind of went up and down. So he hasn’t had a 400+ at-bat season since 2012 when he was in Double-A with the Padres. He’s just now kind of getting a chance to get some more regular playing time. He’s working on it, he’s trying a bunch of different things and it’s frustrating. It’s tough to pull yourself out of the hole, but he’s got a good attitude and he works hard and he plays hard.

AF:  Is the back still an issue at all? Are there any lingering physical issues with him?

SS:  No, he’s 100% percent. That’s all fine. He’s just trying to get on some kind of a roll at the plate and start feeling like Nate again.

AF:  I wanted to ask you about a couple of pitchers here. The most interesting story on your pitching staff this year has to be Barry Zito. So what have you seen out of Barry and what he’s been doing here?

bzZito, Barry3SS:  Well, on the field, he’s pitched phenomenally. The numbers speak for themselves. He’s going deep into games, he’s controlling the games and he’s doing very well now. I would have loved to have been around when he was at the top of his game. He’s not an imposing pitcher like he was in terms of his velocity – there’s onbviously been a drop-off. But the curveball and the changeup are still there. He makes hitters look silly still. He sets them up and puts them down. And it’s just that experience and knowledge of pitching and the ability to make a pitch when he needs it that really has been impressive. No, not every pitch has been right where he wants it, and you can see that there’s some struggle there, but he never lets that bother him to where he can’t go back and make the pitch he needs when he needs it. And off the field, in the clubhouse, he’s been outstanding. He’s been a great source for these other guys. They look up to him, and he takes it with a ceratin modesty and grace. It’s actually fun to have him on the club.

AF:  Well, there aren’t too many minor league clubhouses with Cy Young winners in them.

SS:  But you know what what? He doesn’t wear that on his sleeve. He’s very humble. And I’m enjoying the fact that I got the chance to spend the summer with him.

AF:  So where’s his velocity been at lately?

SS:  He’s mid-80s with the fastball. When you just look at the fastball, that’s not very hard. But when you play it off of that changeup, which is arguably Tom-Glavine-like at times, and then the breaking ball, which is purely Barry-Zito-like, the velocity of the fastball probably looks about 92 to some of these hitters when he uses it at the proper time. On the scouting side, you’d probably say it’s not quite there. But in terms of effectiveness, he knows how to pitch, he knows how to get people out.

AF:  Do you have any update on a guy who was pitching here for you before landing back on the disabled list, A.J. Griffin?

ag456167SS:  He’s back in Arizona. I’m not positive where he’s at. It’s just one of those situations where trying to compensate for one injury kind of created a little bit of another. So it was decided not to push this. Obviously, I can’t talk too much about the medical side of it. He just needs to get himself feeling right.

AF:  And was it basically right shoulder soreness?

SS:  Basically.

AF:  And what about Sean Nolin, who recently went back on the disabled list again?

SS:  Sean’s still here with us. He started for us for four or five starts and he started feeling some stuff, so we slowed him down. He’s currently on the DL trying to regain some strength and ability to really get after it. But he’s on the mend and we’ll probably look to see him start to get himself into a rehab situation over the next week or so. And then hopefully over the next couple weeks we should see him back active. I don’t know if we’ll use him as a starter or in the bullpen. We’d have to build him up as a starter again, and I don’t know if we have enough time left in the season to get him built up.

AF:  Well, I guess it’s a good sign that he’s still here with you guys rather than being down in Arizona.

SS:  Yeah, it was just some small stuff. After coming off all the stuff he’s had to battle through the last year, everybody agreed that it was best for him to stay on a little bit of a slower pace rather than trying to push him into something and make things worse.

AF:  Another guy you’ve got here with quite a bit of major league experience is Ryan Cook. He’s been struggling a bit lately. But where’s he at, what’s been going on with him and what does he need to figure out to get back to where he used to be?

rc5l64jcRW2SS:  He went up and down early. Obviously, he started the season here. And I know he was frustrated. I think it was kind of a shock to him. He handled it pretty well, but you could tell he was struggling with the situation and all. And he didn’t really get off to a great start. Then he got called up and you thought, “Okay, he’ll back in a groove and he’ll stay there.” Then they did so many quick moves so soon with all those relievers. Since he’s been here, his attitude has greatly improved. He’s all about trying to get himself back on track and get himself back to the big leagues, which is a good sign. He’s an emotional guy. He’s high-strung. We’ve all seen him in Oakland – he’s out there giving it everything he’s got. He’s a hard charger. He’s just been kind of getting knocked around a little bit, so he’s getting a little bit of humility. And that sometimes can be a good thing. So he’ll continue to pitch and he’ll continue to give it everything he’s got. And I think that, at some point or another, Oakland will need him again and he’ll go up and step right back into where he left off.

AF:  Is there anything in particular that he’s been working on here?

SS:  No, no, he’s pretty much the same pitcher. He’s just trying to get a little bit more consistent with his control, trying to pitch a little bit more ahead in the count. He’s finding himself kind of getting behind and having to come across the plate with a little bit more of a hitter’s pitch. Two years ago when he was dominating in the big leagues, he was getting ahead, he was using both sides of the plate. He had late movement that was giving him opportunities for missing the barrel. But now I think he’s just trying to aim a little too much and probably losing a little bit of that late movement, and it’s being knocked around a little bit more than he’s used to. You know, sometimes that just comes from the pressure and from trying to be too fine and trying to take that next step to prove that he’s able and ready to go back up. But his velocity’s there and the pitches are getting stronger. So he’s still a valuable part of this organization.

AF:  Great, thanks!

*          *          *

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Sunday, June 21st: Matt Chapman’s 11th HR Helps Ports Win 9th Straight while A.J. Griffin Lands on DL & Sean Nolin Struggles as Sounds Drop 5th Straight

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Stockton Ports Third Baseman Matt Chapman (Home Run / GWRBI)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Stockton Ports Third Baseman Matt Chapman (Home Run / GWRBI)



Bakersfield Blaze  2

Stockton Ports    3

WP – Bracewell 3-1 / 3.08

HR – Chapman (11)

Farmhand Of The Game:

Third Baseman Matt Chapman

(Home Run / GWRBI)

With the game tied in the bottom of the 8th, third baseman Matt Chapman smacked his 11th home run of the season, his 3rd in the last 3 days, to enable the Ports to win their ninth straight on Sunday. And Chapman’s 11th round-tripper also made him the A’s minor league home run leader, passing Beloit’s Sandber Pimentel with 10. Second baseman Branden Cogswell singled in the tying run in the 5th and walked twice, while center fielder Brett Vertigan doubled and drove in a run, and shortstop Melvin Mercedes had a pair of hits for the Ports. RHP Joel Seddon turned in another strong start for Stockton, allowing 2 runs on just 4 hits while walking none and striking out 6 over 6 innings of work, but he left with the game tied. RHPs Corey Walter, Ben Bracewell and Brendan McCurry each tossed 1 scoreless inning in relief, with Bracewell picking up his 3rd win and McCurry posting his 12th save for the Ports.

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Thursday, June 18th: Chris Jensen Delivers Strong Start in Hounds Win while A.J. Griffin & Raul Alcantara Make Strides in Return from TJ Surgery

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Midland RockHounds Pitcher Chris Jensen (7 IP / 2 H / 0 ER / 2 BB / 7 K / Win)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Midland RockHounds RHP Chris Jensen (7 IP / 2 H / 0 ER / 2 BB / 7 K / Win)




Midland RockHounds  4

San Antonio Missions    1

WP – Jensen 5-5 / 4.89

HR – Nunez (9), Blair (5)

Farmhand Of The Game:

Pitcher Chris Jensen

(7 IP / 2 H / 0 ER / 2 BB / 7 K / Win)

RHP Chris Jensen turned in his second straight strong start for the RockHounds, allowing just 1 unearned run on 2 hits and striking out 7 over 7 innings of work to earn his 5th win, while RHP Tucker Healy tossed 1 scoreless inning in relief to post his 2nd save in the first game of Thursday’s doubleheader at San Antonio. After enduring a rough patch where he gave up 23 earned runs over 4 starts, Jensen returned to form by allowing just 1 run in his previous outing last Friday and turned in an even more impressive performance on Thursday. But Midland still trailed 1-0 heading into the top of the 7th, when catcher Carson Blair blasted his 5th home run to tie the game. Designated hitter Renato Nunez then hit a 3-run homer in the 8th to provide the margin of victory for Midland. And Nunez is now second in home runs in the A’s minor league system, trailing only Beloit first baseman Sandber Pimentel, who has 10.

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Saturday, June 13th: Lou Trivino Earns Win as Ports Put Up 14 Runs while Hounds & Snappers Both Get Blanked and A’s Ink 9 More Draft Picks

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Stockton Ports Pitcher Lou Trivino (4 2/3 IP / 1 H / 0 ER / 1 BB / 5 K / Win)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Stockton Ports Pitcher Lou Trivino (4 2/3 IP / 1 H / 0 ER / 1 BB / 5 K / Win)



Stockton Ports                     14

Rancho Cucamonga Quakes  2

WP – Trivino 4-4 / 5.33

Farmhand Of The Game:

Pitcher Lou Trivino

(4 2/3 IP / 1 H / 0 ER / 1 BB / 5 K / Win)

In his second start since returning from Tommy John surgery, RHP Raul Alcantara gave up 2 runs on 5 hits while walking 2 and striking out 3 over just 2 1/3 innings on Saturday, and he left the game with his team down by a run. RHP Lou Trivino then came on and allowed just 1 hit while striking out 5 over 4 2/3 scoreless innings to shut down the Quakes and allow Stockton’s offense to shift into overdrive – and he wound up walking away with his 4th win for his efforts. The Ports ended up scoring 14 runs on 14 hits for their biggest offensive output of the season. Designated hitter Michael Soto singled, doubled, walked and drove in 3, while outfielder Brett Vertigan collected 3 hits, including a double, and drove in a pair, and third baseman Matt Chapman reached base 5 times, on a single, 2 walks and 2 walks doubles while also driving in a run and scoring 3 times. First baseman John Nogowski doubled, walked and drove in 3, and catcher Beau Taylor singled, doubled and drove in a pair for the Ports.

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Friday, June 12th: Sandber Pimentel Slugs 10th HR in Snappers’ Extra-Inning Win while A.J. Griffin Struggles in 1st Rehab Start for Sounds

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Beloit Snappers First Baseman Sandber Pimentel (Home Run / 2 RBIs)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Beloit Snappers First Baseman Sandber Pimentel (Home Run / 2 RBIs)



Beloit Snappers              4

Bowling Green Hot Rods  3

WP – Huber 2-3 / 3.09

HR – Pimentel (10), Gilbert (4)

Farmhand Of The Game:

First Baseman Sandber Pimentel

(Home Run / 2 RBIs)

Although outfielder Justin Higley had the big hit for Beloit with his RBI triple to unlock the tie in the top of the 12th, first baseman Sandber Pimentel accounted for two of the Snappers’ four runs with his 2-run homer in the 1st. It made Pimentel the A’s first minor leaguer to reach 10 home runs this season and put him two ahead of his nearest competitor, Stockton third baseman Matt Chapman, who has 8. Second baseman Trent Gilbert homered in the 3rd and doubled in the 11th, while starter Daniel Gossett allowed 3 runs, 2 earned, over 5 innings of work and left with the game tied – and the game remained tied until Higley’s triple in the top of the 12th. Relievers Kevin Johnson, Jose Torres and Rob Huber combined to throw 7 scoreless innings, with Huber picking up his 2nd win for the Snappers.

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Thursday, June 11th: Joel Seddon Leads Stockton to Shutout Win while Barry Zito’s Scoreless Streak Ends in Sounds Loss

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Stockton Ports Pitcher Joel Seddon (6 IP / 6 H / 0 ER / 1 BB / 4 K / Win)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Stockton Ports Pitcher Joel Seddon (6 IP / 6 H / 0 ER / 1 BB / 4 K / Win)



Stockton Ports                      9

Rancho Cucamonga Quakes  0

WP – Seddon 4-4 / 4.09

Farmhand Of The Game:

Pitcher Joel Seddon

(6 IP / 6 H / 0 ER / 1 BB / 4 K / Win)

RHP Joel Seddon turned in his best start so far this season for Stockton on Thursday, throwing 6 shutout innings to earn his 4th win for the Ports. RHP Sam Roberts then tossed 3 scoreless innings in relief to complete the shutout and earn his 1st save for Stockton. The Ports put 9 runs on the board on 14 hits on Thursday. Center fielder Brett Vertigan collected 3 hits, including a triple, and drove in a run, while right fielder J.P. Sportman singled 3 times and drove in 3, and second baseman Branden Cogswell also had 3 singles and drove in a run. Shortstop Franklin Barreto singled, tripled and scored twice, and first baseman John Nogowski singled in a pair for the Ports.

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Sunday, June 7th: Brett Graves Gets 6th Win for Snappers while Renato Nunez Hits 6th HR in Hounds’ Loss & A.J. Griffin Impresses for Stockton

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Beloit Snappers Pitcher Brett Graves (6 IP / 4 H / 0 ER / 1 BB / 4 K / Win)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Beloit Snappers Pitcher Brett Graves (6 IP / 4 H / 0 ER / 1 BB / 4 K / Win)



Lake County Captains  2

Beloit Snappers          5

WP – Graves 6-0 / 4.14

HR – Kuhn (3)

Farmhand Of The Game:

Pitcher Brett Graves

(6 IP / 4 H / 0 ER / 1 BB / 4 K / Win)

Last year’s 3rd-round draft pick for the A’s, RHP Brett Graves, turned in one of his best starts of the season for the Snappers, allowing just 4 hits and striking out 4 over 6 shutout innings to earn his 6th win on Sunday. And the 22-year-old has now allowed just 1 earned run over his last 12 innings of work. RHP Carlos Navas gave up 1 run in 1 1/3 innings of relief, while LHP Jose Torres got the final five outs for his 5th save. First baseman Max Kuhn belted a 2-run homer to put Beloit on the board in the 6th, while second baseman Trent Gilbert and third baseman Jose Brizuela each had a pair of hits and drove in a run, and outfielder Justin Higley drew 3 walks, stole a base and scored a run in his first game for the Snappers since being sent down from Stockton. Catcher Andy Paz also joined the Snappers roster from extended spring training, while catcher Argenis Raga and outfielder Shawn Duinkerk were reassigned to Vermont.

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Tuesday, June 2nd: Josh Whitaker’s Big Blast Helps Hounds Win while A.J. Griffin Is Solid in 1st Rehab Appearance for Ports

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Midland RockHounds Outfielder Josh Whitaker (3 for 5 / Home Run / Double / 2 RBIs)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Midland RockHounds Outfielder Josh Whitaker (3 for 5 / Home Run / Double / 2 RBIs)



Midland RockHounds  6

Tulsa Drillers                  5

WP – Wahl 1-0 / 4.07

HR – Whitaker (5), Healy (4)

Farmhand Of The Game:

Outfielder Josh Whitaker

(3 for 5 / Home Run / Double / 2 RBIs)

With the game tied in the top of the 9th on Tuesday, outfielder Josh Whitaker slugged his 5th home run to provide the winning run for the RockHounds against Tulsa. Whitaker also doubled and scored in the 4th and singled in a run in the 5th, and the 26-year-old Georgia native has now gone 11 for 21 with 4 home runs over his last 5 games since missing a little over a week with a strained hamstring. Third baseman Ryon Healy hit his 4th home run in the 5th, while first baseman Matt Olson singled, doubled, walked twice and drove in a run for the RockHounds. Starter Chris Jensen was a little shaky on Tuesday, allowing 4 runs on 7 hits, including 3 home runs, over 5 2/3 innings, but he left the game with a 1-run lead. RHP Tucker Healy tossed 1 1/3 scoreless innings in relief, but RHP Bobby Wahl walked 3 and gave up the tying run in the 8th but ended up picking up his 1st win thanks to Whitaker’s round-tripper in the 9th. RHP Ryan Dull then got the final three outs in the 9th to earn his 4th save. Meanwhile, RockHounds catcher/designated hitter Carson Blair was named the Texas League offensive player of the week on Monday after going 7 for 20 with 6 walks, 5 extra-base hits and 12 RBIs while posting a .350/.500/.700 slash line last week.

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Friday, May 29th: Chris Bassitt Pitches Sounds to 5th Straight Win while Josh Whitaker & Brett Vertigan Star for Hounds & Ports

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Nashville Sounds Pitcher Chris Bassitt (5 2/3 IP / 4 H / 1 ER / 0 BB / 4 K / Win)

A’s Farmhand Of The Day: Nashville Sounds Pitcher Chris Bassitt (5 2/3 IP / 4 H / 1 ER / 0 BB / 4 K / Win)



Las Vegas 51s        1

Nashville Sounds  2

WP – Bassitt 2-3 / 3.97

Farmhand Of The Game:

Pitcher Chris Bassitt

(5 2/3 IP / 4 H / 1 ER / 0 BB / 4 K / Win)

RHP Chris Bassitt had one of his best starts yet for the Sounds, allowing just 1 run on 4 hits while walking none and striking out 4 over 5 2/3 innings to earn his 2nd win on Friday. RHP Brock Huntzinger struck out 4 in 2 perfect innings of relief, while RHP R.J. Alvarez got the final three outs for his 2nd save. The Sounds recorded just 3 hits while registering their fifth straight win on Friday. Shortstop Niuman Romero, second baseman Joey Wendle and designated hitter Nate Freiman, who was activated from the disabled list on Friday, each singled for the Sounds. And with Freiman returning to action, RHP Seth Frankoff was reassigned to the RockHounds.

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