Stockton Ports Scouting Reports

For those of you who enjoy getting a much closer look at some of the A’s young prospects, we thought we’d share some in-depth scouting evaluations of some current Stockton Ports players courtesy of Chris Kusiolek. Chris is a former correspondent for Oakland Clubhouse who’s spent plenty of time over the years getting up-close looks at some of the A’s top prospects at Stockton and Sacramento (remember that?) as well as in Arizona. You can follow Chris on Twitter at @CaliKusiolek and you can find more of Chris’s Stockton Ports scouting reports on his West Coast Talent blog.


mw608383bMikey White

Age: 22

Position: Shortstop

Bats: Right / Throws: Right

Height: 6’1” / Weight: 200 lbs.

Drafted: 2015 – 2nd Round

2016: 68 AB / 0 HR / 5 BB / 16 K / .221 AVG / .284 OBP / .309 SLG

Slighter through midsection from previous Instructional League and Spring; definition to shoulders, tapered through lower half, lean muscular build; wider base to hips relative to shoulders; lean thighs; shows quick twitch athleticism, moderate risk through frame and through maturity; loose hands and fairly loose wrists; arm bar; decelerates through contact, average bat speed; slight loft, able to backspin to pull, average raw; inconsistent extension through contact, mild barrel control; slight leg kick and rotational weight transfer; cuts hips and inner third; struggles to track spin, likely possesses neurological deficiency identifying spin from release; sluggish first step at shortstop, average foot speed fails to play laterally, inconsistent routes to balls in field, laterally up middle; soft hands, quick release; above average arm strength, varying tail and arm slot at times; mature pace for present game speed; likely relocates right of diamond through maturity.


bb622196bB.J. Boyd

Age: 22

Position: Outfielder

Bats: Left / Throws: Right

Height: 5’11” / Weight: 230 lbs.

Drafted: 2012 – 4th Round

2016: 64 AB / 0 HR / 8 BB / 16 K / .297 AVG / .392 OBP / .344 SLG

With large build; squat, stocky with wide base and significant mass through trunk, big butt, barrel chested, definition to shoulders, fast twitch muscular thighs, muscular forearms; extreme maintenance through maturity, present fast twitch athleticism throughout. Hands show explosiveness, slight lift; predominantly linear with minimal loft, below average raw; swing not conducive to actualize in game; slighter downward load, diminished bat wrap; hands drift often; slightly rotational, lacks coil; average bat speed; shows two strike approach, slight outward toe tap transfer; cuts hips through weight transfer, hands start out over plate, exploitable inner third; stiff wrists; inconsistent balance and transfers at plate; struggles tracking spin from release, may have neurological deficiency; poor effort in field, inconsistent first step and finish to routes; inconsistent reads, haphazard routes at times, well below average arm strength; utility likely limited to corner.


jh605266bJames Harris

Age: 22

Position: Outfielder

Bats: Right / Throws: Right

Height: 6’1” / Weight: 180 lbs.

Drafted: 2011 – 1st Round (Tampa Bay)

2016: 88 AB / 1 HR / 4 BB / 16 K / .352 AVG / .383 OBP / .489 SLG

Shows a compact, present fast twitch build and mass through chest with a thick explosive lower half; wider base to hips presents potential maintenance to frame through continual maturity. Shows explosive straight line footspeed; 4.40, 4.44 turns from right side, 4.32 to first with minimal effort; present 7 runner. Shows average bat speed; slight lift, below average raw, swing not conducive to actualize in game; hands show explosiveness, fairly loose; struggles with late extension through contact, slight coil through hips, balanced slight weight transfer; opens front half, lacks flexibility through hips; cuts inner third; shows ability to track slow tumbling spin and keep hands back, decent approach at plate, lacks two strike approach; inconsistent first step, footspeed plays lesser laterally in field; poor effort on balls and lackadaisical given game situation, frequent poor body language and effort through game.


dg605254bDaniel Gossett

Age: 23

Position: Starting Pitcher

Throws: Right / Bats: Right

Height: 6’2” / Weight: 185 lbs.

Drafted: 2014 – 2nd Round

2016: 19 IP / 16 H / 7 ER / 5 BB / 26 K / 3.32 ERA / 1.11 WHIP

Average built through upper half; slighter shoulder definition, lean quick twitch, minimal muscle mass, athletic build; narrow and tapered through lower half, minimal mass through legs; wiry limbs; at physical maturity, limited increases to physicality; lower risk and maintenance for frame. Above average arm speed; explosive, exerted through arm acceleration; stiff, deliberate load; lacks fluidity; compact arm path, high 3/4; rocks into motion from set, slightly oriented to first base side of rubber, hands break at chest; hands slightly more away from body for curveball; controlled leg kick, varies pace of kick to aid deception; front oriented towards third base side from stretch, perpendicular to third base basepath; shows varying slighter kick (1.18-1.24) and quick pitch (1.03-1.08) variations, remains able to replicate stride, shows quality strength; athletic, controlled strong drive; shoulder tilt, slight spine tilt, limited torque through delivery; inverted firm foot strike; lacks clean finish through arm deceleration recoil; departed appearance with back stiffness; possesses enough back of rotation athleticism, stresses on shoulder with minimized torque and stiffness increase risk through profile. Fastball 90-93 T94; flashes late life and quality extension to pitch; inconsistent run in lower band, shows firm earlier action frequently, inconsistent achievement of quality running action; shows acumen in ability to work north and alter sightline, good downhill plane; able to work east-west within zone; stiffness to finish alters command frequently; average command potential; pitch shows above average potential. Curveball 79-82; tight spinning above average 12-6; improved extension and consistency from spring training; able to orient hand on top of pitch with compact arm path; shows innate ability to snap quality spin; inconsistencies in subtracting to pitch and throwing for strikes; services as chase offering at present, feel must improve to actualize potential; above average potential. Changeup 82-84; flashes quality fading action and arm speed replication, varying drives aid deception of pitch; inconsistent feel in being able to throw for strikes at present; shows firm at times, overthrown in instances, shoulders can open; above average depth and late action flashes, potential weak contact pitch; above average potential. Cutter 83-87; shows late hard action and more frequently true loose sweeping slider sort of shape; inconsistent feel for pitch at present; flashes average depth; struggles to throw for strikes at present; shoulders leak occasionally on pitch, inconsistent extension and arm speed replication, arm drags and slows; still adapting to achieving feel for pitch; fringe potential. Shows enough athleticism and acumen alongside adequate stuff to function within a back end rotation capacity at the highest level; physicality and stiffness presents significant risk; realistic swing arm, ceiling #4 starter in rotation. (High Risk)


kf640448Kyle Finnegan

Age: 24

Position: Relief Pitcher

Throws: Right / Bats: Right

Height: 6’2” / Weight: 170 lbs.

Drafted: 2013 – 6th Round

2016: 10 IP / 9 H / 2 ER / 7 BB / 14 K / 1.80 ERA / 1.60 WHIP

Long limbed; high waisted; moderate base to shoulders, muscular shoulders and chest; thick thighs; wider base through hips; muscular forearms; sturdy build with length; moderate maintenance, at physical maturity, will begin decline within next couple years; shows present strength through upper half; moderate risk. Lacks strength through drive; poor stride replication, firm foot strike, inverted, front collapses on foot strike; frequently falls off backwards towards first base side unintentionally, completely opens front half; shoulder tilt, loads shoulders, spine tilt; over-the-top arm slot, stab, lacks fluidity through arm action, deteriorated as outing progressed; above average arm speed; shows ease to arm acceleration, decelerates cleanly; limited strength and athleticism in ability to replicate stride significantly limits command projection. Fastball 91-93 T95; flashes good extension and late natural tailing life; aided by arm speed and deception of moving parts; flashes cut action to pitch, decent action, inconsistent feel to consistently achieve it; well below average command; shows late life and explosion in higher band, firmer moderate run through lower bands; command projection limited, present thrower; has yet to see command or strength development within professional environment; fringe potential. Curveball 78-82; inconsistent spin and slower rolling rotation at times; flashes average depth sporadically, achieved on greater chase depth to pitch; shows ability to deliberately subtract to pitch and lessen shape, throw for strikes with softer spinning action; some moderate feel for pitch; fringe potential. Changeup 83-85; firm fading action; poor arm speed replication on pitch; flashes softer earlier depth to pitch; shows predominantly with mild firm sinking life; lacks fluidity through arm action conducive for pitch development; below average potential. Presently limited strength and natural athleticism prevent actualization of profile; realistic organizational depth, ceiling emergency bullpen arm. (Moderate Risk)

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  1. Willy
    April 28, 2016 at 7:25 am

    Bill as a parent of a player discussed above and having played pro ball myself it’s a tragedy that you would let someone who has never played the game and does not know what he’s talking about with all his jibberish present “scouting” reports that are wrong and detrimental to a player who reads them…

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