A’s Minor League Spring Training Camp Rosters

ppd_039478bA’s major leaguers may have a couple of weeks’ worth of spring games under their belts. But A’s minor leaguers just began their official spring schedule of competitive games on Monday. And with the beginning of that schedule, the players in the minor league camp have all been assigned to teams that will spend the spring playing their counterparts from other organizations.

Keep in mind that these assignments don’t reflect where players will actually be assigned once the season starts. There are currently 47 players in the A’s major league camp so, obviously, a large number of those players will end up filling out the roster for Sacramento or one of the other affiliates. And once all those other players get their assignments, a great many of the players listed below will end up being bumped down a notch or two. But at least this helps give some perspective on where players fall within the overall organizational structure. And if you come to spring training in Arizona, you should definitely take the opportunity to visit the A’s minor league complex at Papago Park and see some of these talented young players in action!




Andrew Werner

 Andrew Werner

Jesus Castillo

Jose Flores

Frank Gailey

Drew Granier

Brett Hunter

Nate Long

Jeremy McBryde

Sean Murphy

Zach Neal

Tanner Peters

Murphy Smith

Paul Smyth

Jeff Urlaub

Andrew Werner


Ryan Lipkin

Ryan Ortiz

Beau Taylor

Anthony Aliotti

 Anthony Aliotti


Anthony Aliotti

Alden Carrithers

Dusty Coleman

Tyler Ladendorf

Jefry Marte

Max Muncy

Hiro Nakajima

Daniel Robertson


Conner Crumbliss

Jake Goebbert

D’Arny Myers

Chad Oberacker

Shane Peterson

Josh Whitaker




Raul Alcantara

 Raul Alcantara

Raul Alcantara

Jeremy Barfield

Trey Barham

Josh Bowman

Manny Correa

Ryan Doolittle

Ryan Dull

Omar Duran

Seth Frankoff

Blake Hassebrock

Shawn Haviland

Austin House

Chris Jensen

Jonathan Joseph

Nolan Sanburn

Seth Streich

Michael Ynoa


Bruce Maxwell

Phil Pohl

Nick Rickles

Miles Head

 Miles Head


Miles Head

Wade Kirkland

Antonio Lamas

Matt Olson

Renato Nunez

Sam Roberts

B.A. Vollmuth


Bobby Crocker

Rashun Dixon

Billy McKinney

Myrio Richard

Dusty Robinson




Dylan Covey

 Dylan Covey

Tim Atherton

Andres Avila

Sam Bragg

Dylan Covey

Derek DeYoung

Kyle Finnegan

Kris Hall

Tucker Healy

Ronald Herrera

Chris Kohler

Chris Lamb

Brent Powers

Lou Trivino

Tyler Vail

Dominique Vattuone

Bobby Wahl


Ryan Gorton

Josh Miller

Andy Paz

Chad Pinder

 Chad Pinder


Ryon Healy

Ryan Huck

Melvin Mercedes

Yairo Munoz

Chad Pinder


Dayton Alexander

Jaycob Brugmann

Ryan Mathews

Aaron Shipman

Brett Vertigan




Matt Stalcup

 Matt Stalcup

Hunter Adkins

Kayvon Bahramzadeh

Trevor Bayless

Dustin Driver

Jerad Grundy

Tyler Hollstegge

Tyler Johnson

Junior Mendez

Carlos Navas

Dillon Overton

Travis Pitcher

Stuart Pudenz

Lee Sosa

Matt Stalcup

Jesus Zambrano


Lana Akau

Santiago Chavez

Seongmin Kim

Kyle Wheeler

B.J. Boyd

 B.J. Boyd


Luis Baez

Edwin Diaz

Jesus Lopez

Chih-Fang Pan

Michael Soto

Chris Wolfe


B.J. Boyd

Justin Higley

Tyler Marincov

Boog Powell


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