Getting To Know: A’s New Catcher Stephen Vogt

svvogt2Originally drafted by Tampa Bay back in 2007, veteran minor league catcher Stephen Vogt didn’t get his first cup of coffee in the big leagues until last year when, at the age of 27, he got into 18 games for the Rays. The A’s acquired him just after the 2013 season started and sent him to Sacramento, where he’s been one of the River Cats’ most productive hitters this season, batting .325 with 9 home runs in 231 at-bats.

With starting catcher John Jaso’s hand still bothering him, Oakland decided to call on Vogt this week. So now, at 28, the left-handed-hitting backstop is getting his second shot in the majors with the A’s. In his first at-bat against Cincinnati on Tuesday night, Vogt drove in a run with a sacrifice fly. Two night’s later, he homered against St. Louis for his first major league hit. And, fortunately, A’s Farm was there to catch up with Vogt on his first day in Oakland as the team prepared to play Cincinnati later that night…


AF:  So when did you find out you were coming up to Oakland?

SV:  Last night, right after our game. You know, we had the rain delay, so it was a little later – it was about 11:15. (River Cats manager) Steve Scarsone took me in the office and just said, “What’s the best thing you could hear right now?” I said, “I’m going up.” And he said, “There you are.” So here we are – I’m here tonight!

AF:  Did you come down to Oakland last night?

SV:  No, it was way too late last night. So we drove down this morning.

AF:  Do you know if you’re playing today?

SV:  I’m catching.

AF:  So you’re thrown in with a bunch of pitchers you never even had a chance to be around in spring training. What’s that like?

SV:  You know, it’s a learning curve. You have to rely on them. I’m going to help them out the best I can. I’ve talked with D-No (Derek Norris) and Jaso a little bit about them already, and they’ve been great in helping me out. So it’s just a matter of going out there and seeing what I can do.

AF:  Well, it’s three hours till game time. So have you had a chance to talk to tonight’s starting pitcher Tommy Milone yet?

sv51ce58484676a.preview-620bSV:  Not yet. I haven’t even met him.

AF:  So I guess you’re just hoping to meet him before you get out on the field.

SV:  Absolutely.

AF:  Do you have any family or friends here for your debut with the A’s tonight?

SV:  Yeah, my wife and daughter, and my parents and my grandparents and my aunt are going to be here tonight. I’m from Visalia, so everybody’s local.

AF:  You’ve been hitting well in Sacramento all year. So what accounts for your success at the plate this season?

SV:  A lot of it is just getting off to a good start. You come out in your first game of the year and get three hits, and it’s like, “All right, here we go.” And that lineup down there is a pretty good lineup, and hitting around a lot of good guys is going to get you a lot of good pitches to hit, and I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of success so far.

AF:  Well, down in Sacramento you’ve been catching Sonny Gray, who seems to have gotten over the hump this year. From your perspective as a catcher, what have you seen from him this season?

SV:  Electric stuff – three great pitches. He really is learning how to pitch. He’s learning how to get people out. He’s competing really well. Honestly, I just can’t say enough about how he’s coming along. He’s going to be something pretty special.

AF:  Is there any one thing that’s been the key to his success this year?

SV:  Just his command. When he’s on, he’s on. He struggles a little bit sometimes with his command. But for the most part, this year, he’s been outstanding. And he’s not far away. He’s got really good stuff.

AF:  So when you’ve got a game plan, he’s throwing it right where it’s supposed to be – which makes things a lot easier for you.

SV:  Absolutely. He’s a lot of fun to work with.

AF:  Well, best of luck to you tonight.

SV:  Thank you very much.

*     *     *

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