Tuesday, September 4th: Vermont Loses as Cats and Bees Prep for Playoffs


A’s Farmhand Of The Day

Vermont Lake Monsters catcher Reynaldo Mateo (2 for 4 / 2 RBIs / Stolen Base)



Aberdeen IronBirds          7

Vermont Lake Monsters  5

(LP – Vail 3-4 / 4.20)


Farmhand Of The Game:

Catcher Reynaldo Mateo

(2 for 4 / 2 RBIs / Stolen Base)



Worth Noting: Starter Nolan Sanburn allowed 3 runs in 3 innings, and right-hander Tyler Vail surrendered 4 runs in 4 innings to take his 4th loss. Catcher Reynaldo Mateo had 2 hits and drove in a pair of runs in the loss.


Wednesday’s Games:

Reno @ Sacramento – 7:05pm PT (PCL Playoffs Round 1 – Game #1)

(Bauer vs. Billings)

Wisconsin @ Burlington – 6:30pm CT (Midwest League Playoffs Round 1 – Game #1)

(Barnes vs. Peters)

Aberdeen @ Vermont – 6:05pm ET

(Rivera vs. Ynoa)


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