Sizemore Out – Donaldson, Rosales, Sogard or Timmons In?

Scott Sizemore

Well, the A’s twin curses combined this week when the injury jinx and the third base hex went to work on A’s starting third baseman Scott Sizemore, striking him down on the first day of spring workouts and ending his season before it could even begin. An MRI revealed a torn ACL in his left knee that will require season-ending surgery. As with everything in baseball though, one man’s misfortune could open the door to another man’s fortune. But who will the big winner be in the A’s game of third base roulette? And who should the winner be?

So far, it looks like the team’s favored candidate to get the first crack at the hot corner’s brass ring is minor league catcher Josh Donaldson, who got in 53 games at third base last season in Sacramento and also got in some reps at the position in the Dominican Republic this winter. The other candidates in the mix are infielders Adam Rosales and Eric Sogard, who were presumed to be competing for the A’s utility infielder role this spring, along with life-long minor league infielder and non-roster invitee Wes Timmons. Two of these four players are likely to make the major league roster, while two of the four are likely to start the season at Sacramento.

Wes Timmons

It’s also possible the team could try to deal for a third baseman, but there seems to be a real shortage of quality third baseman around the major leagues at the moment, which could make the A’s more likely to just try to go with what they’ve got. The Angels’ Alberto Callaspo has been mentioned as a potential trade target, and the team has shown interest in him in the past. But since the A’s are overloaded with outfielder/first baseman/designated hitter types, and so are the Angels, it might be tough to match up on a deal. And it’s hard to imagine what the A’s might be able to offer the Halos to convince them that it’d be a good idea to part with Callaspo.

Eric Sogard

It’s also interesting to note that if the A’s had any idea that they’d be without Sizemore a month ago, it’s highly unlikely they would have chosen to designate infielder Adrian Cardenas for assignment, as they did at the time. As things stand now though, as long as there’s no deal and Donaldson doesn’t totally disappoint in the spring, it looks as if he’s the most likely candidate to get the first shot at laying claim to the job to start the season. But what about the other candidates? Who has real experience at the hot corner? And who has actually shown the most offensive promise to this point? Let’s take a look at the candidates’ career major and minor league numbers, and let’s throw Cardenas in just for fun.

(Col #1 = mlb games at 3B / Col #2 = milb games at 3B / Col #3 = total games at 3B / Col #4 = mlb avg / Col #5 = mlb obp / Col #6 = mlb slg / Col #7 = mlb ops / Col #8 = milb avg / Col #9 = milb obp / Col #10 = milb slg / Col #11 = milb ops / BOLD = category leaders / Click each player’s name below for their complete stats page)


Player            MaG    MiG    TG  /  avg  -  obp  -  slg  -  ops / avg  -  obp  -  slg  -  ops

Rosales        72 +   85 = 157 / 226 293 - 337 - 630  /  287 – 360 - 481 842

Sogard          10 +   15 =   25 /  221 – 277 - 338 - 615  /  295 - 380 – 413 – 793

Donaldson    0 +    53 =    53 / 156 – 206 – 281 – 487   /  268 – 360 – 455 – 815

Timmons       0 + 753 = 753 / 000 – 000 – 000 – 000  /   283 - 391 - 391 – 782

Cardenas      0 +    96 =    96 / 000 – 000 – 000 – 000  /   303 - 368 – 413 – 780


Adam Rosales

I know that many A’s fans are not particularly fond of Rosales after his extremely poor performance last year. It’s easy to forget though that he was attempting to come back from a significant injury that he obviously never fully recovered from. Nor should his dynamic performance from just a year earlier be forgotten either. Just looking at the numbers though, Rosales has played more major league games at third base than any of the others and tops the competition in major league BA, OBP and OPS and in minor league SLG and OPS. In fact, he tops the competition in all categories except major league SLG (Sogard edges him out by .001), minor league BA (Cardenas) and minor league OPS (Timmons).

Josh Donaldson

So why isn’t Rosales considered the favorite to land the job at this point? Well, perhaps the team feels he still hasn’t recovered adequately from his injury and doesn’t have faith in his ability to replicate his performance level from 2010, or perhaps they just have a good feeling about Donaldson’s long-term potential. Regardless, it’ll be a position battle that’ll be a lot more interesting to watch than anyone anticipated heading into the spring. Let’s just hope that whoever wins it can keep the position from turning into the offensive black hole that it’s mostly been ever since we could last count on seeing Mr. Chavez’s name penciled into the lineup on a daily basis.



9 comments for “Sizemore Out – Donaldson, Rosales, Sogard or Timmons In?

  1. RC
    February 29, 2012 at 8:41 am

    What about None of Above? Cardenas would have been best candidate.

    Last thing A’s needed is another black hole in line-up. Pathetic.

  2. March 2, 2012 at 10:16 am

    First game is today! Then just 25 days left til regular season.

    • March 19, 2014 at 2:08 am

      So thankful I found your page. I was #959, so I’m rlaley hoping you get to that magic 1000 number quickly. Those signed books are an amazing prize .I would certainly love to win them and would cherish them forever!

  3. Claudia
    March 2, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    Wes Timmons is a wonderful family man with solid baseball skills. Being on a major league team has been a lifelong goal. He performed well in the minor league and this is his chance.

  4. cindy tsengas
    March 3, 2012 at 5:37 am

    More athletes should be of high morale character in addition to being good at the game. Wes Timmons is a great example of both!

  5. March 3, 2012 at 8:17 am

    Wes Timmons is One of the finest Gentlemen to ever play the game , his character,values and drive are a rare find these days.

    • Jon
      March 5, 2012 at 9:35 pm

      What was his AVG last year?
      Also, the A’s would like to keep him as a backup (due to his ability to handle all of the infield and LF) as long as there are prospects with more talent.

      But, admittedly, he does have a bit of pop and I can’t put his glove down that much, but his health is not consistent. If he did make it, chances are, by mid-season, he’d be on the DL and we’d be doing this all over again.

  6. Linda
    March 4, 2012 at 7:41 am

    This is a No brain answer. Rosales has had the passion and determination to play baseball not only with his heart but as team player that rubs off on all around. His dream is a reality that all younger ballplayers that want to be like .Playing ball takes alot of dedication and hard work and with Adam thats how he got there and continues to Succeed and Prosper. Family support is Adams continued Success in LIfe all around

  7. Jon
    March 5, 2012 at 9:32 pm

    No errors at 3B last year, consistent hitter, no health issues, has a bit of pop, great in the clubhouse (the latter hardly matters.)
    Made it briefly in ’10. If either he or Sogard, who both can provide a minimal amount of pop, make it, then I’ll be happy. Not as good a glove as Sogard, though.
    This guy’s is like, 30, and he hasn’t done well for himself. I don;t really believe in age as a performance factor, but when you have been playing pro ball for a decade and haven’t seen an MLB pitch, things do not bode well for you- and for a good reason.
    Wow! A THIRD of his hits were homers last year. I’ll try not to spoil this feat, but he only had six hits! 0.98 AVG- I’m surprised that he wasn’t DFA’d. But I guess I shouldn’t be- despite bad hitting, he can handle every infield position and left field pretty well. But, his health has been a bit more on the Grady Sizemore side of the scale, if you get what I mean.

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